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Saturday, June 01, 2019

This was me, a year ago. And here is me now:

In the second picture, I was at 170, exactly 100 pounds lost!! I have gained back 5 of that, but I'm not going to let that derail me. I'm getting right back on track and getting my groove back on. I had a lot of emotional stuff happen the last two months, and it is amazing I only gained the 5 pounds. So I'm not at all discouraged by it. I'm happy. It could have been so much more, but it is only 5 pounds. I can defeat that. I have a total of 45 pounds to lose for my main goal, then once I reach that I'm going to see how I feel, how my body looks and feels to me, how muscular I am, what my physical condition is and see if I need to keep my weight at more or less than that. 130 is what I'm aiming for, because I was good at that weight before, and it is at the upper range for my height (yes, I'm short, lol)

My injections for migraines have stopped working, so I'm getting migraines again. If I wake up with one, the day is just done for, those, for me, are the worst. But most days, if I'm not already battling one from the day before, I start the morning without a migraine, so workouts and getting things done in the morning is going to be important!! I'm happy to say my next set of injections are well enough before our vacation that they should be working well before we leave. But, I have roughly a month to try to keep these migraines contained, and to remember to document them. I decided not to do the daith piercing. The results I read about were just all over the place, and I have a hard time sleeping with earrings in my ears, so having it healing and keeping it in to keep the migraines at bay... well, I don't know how that would work. I already have a difficult time sleeping.

Got a bill for a LOT of money from a place I was inpatient at over two years ago!!! It looks like they only billed my secondary insurance too. I'm so aggravated. I'll call them on Monday and see what is up, not going to worry about it for now, it's not like I can pay them any way, we have other financial obligations that are far more pressing than a really old bill. Plus, vacation, kids have grown and need new clothes..... I could go on and on!!

For now I will say good night, and hope you have a wonderful Saturday and have had a great start to June!!


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