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Saturday, June 01, 2019

Spring 5% challenge final weigh-in is checked off my morning to-do list and I'm down 4.6 pounds - 3% of my starting weight. Considering all that's gone on in the past two months, I'm satisfied with that. Thanks to all the Firecrackers for their support and especially the leaders for their work behind the scenes to keep things going!
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I also want to speed things up a bit in the coming weeks, so I've joined the Champions in the Kitchen team for the In-Between challenge. I've also started a personal challenge to lose 5 by July 5, my birthday. That will be a little tricky because I'm going to a family reunion in the south of France during the first week of July. It means I'll need to lose 5 and then not gain it back during the trip!
Maybe it's the (at last!) beautiful spring weather, but I'm feeling ready for a fresh start in many ways. Here's the plan:
Stay strong on the dailies. I use HabitHub and tweaked my list this morning so that I'll be doing 10 minutes of some kind of ST each day. My underbutt fiasco of last week, when I could hardly walk after doing a video workout focusing on that area, showed me that this is needed. I also do 10 minutes of warm-up in the morning and 10 minutes of stretching before bed.
Go (back) to the gym. Maybe. I'll give it a try. It could help me to more regularly do the exercises for my knees that the PT gave me. I prefer outdoor exercise, especially when the weather is nice so we'll see how that goes.
Continue getting off the train one stop early and walking the 30 minutes back home - two or three times a week.
For the next three weeks, I'm going to track my nutrition at least 5 days a week. I've been doing fairly well without actually recording what I eat. After years of tracking regularly, I'm good at keeping a running tally in my head, but tracking helps reveal where those extra 50-calories-here, 100-calories-there are coming from. As they add up, they can make a big difference over the long run.

I forgot to do measurements this morning for the month. Will do that tomorrow.
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Got my first fresh strawberries of the season and enjoyed them with my go-to breakfast of maple vanilla Chia Seed Pudding. I love summer fruits and berries! Looking forward to watermelon soon!

In other news:

Across the big pond, the show of my father's artwork ended yesterday. It was a very successful month. We even made some sales on the last day of the show. On Thursday, a woman contacted me on the artwork Facebook page, asking if she had missed it. I messaged her the hours and she showed up just as my friend Randy was getting ready to take down the paintings and pack things up. She bought three prints, including a framed one! It turns out that she knew my dad and that she and two of her siblings all own other works of his. She was happy to add three more pieces to her collection.

Now I have to do the bookkeeping - send checks to Randy, to my sister and to the venue ---and pay my sales tax bill. Bookkeeping is not my favorite thing, but is made easier by the fact that the show was successful and that people got to see and appreciate Dad's work again. I'm looking for a venue for next winter.
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