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My S.L.I.P. and my Comeback

Friday, May 31, 2019

After 277 Days Alcohol Free - I had a S.L.I.P. (an acronym I didn't know about but it's totally what happened - Sobriety Lost It's Priority). I decided to have drinks when out for dinner with my fiance and it led me to daily drinks for 9 days - but I'm back on course and today is Day 6 of my now newest 100 day Lose 'da Booze Challenge that will bring me right up to my 53rd birthday on September 3rd.

The week of May 21st - I was off work the entire week. I experienced what I believe to be a total meltdown or burn out. With the constant stressors related to my daughter (now 18 years of age) and her severe mental health issues and a breakdown in her living arrangement and her physical health in a bad state (her eating disorder is back with a vengeance as she lost 25lbs in just over a month due to not eating). I unplugged from everything. Felt unwell (migraines, dizziness, no energy, flu like symptoms).

I plugged my phone back in on Sunday the 26th and she soon called and asked if she could come live back at home with me - which I allowed, but with very clear expectations (an actual contract of conditions) for her stay with me this time. We went to a counseling appointment on Wednesday and I'm pleased to report that we now have services lined up to help her out. When she turned 18 and was out of the children's system - accessing services was a challenge but I managed to find some great ones that are local to my home and now that she's back with me for now... she can access this and my hope is that she'll get back on track.

We have a doctor's appointment coming up next Friday to get her back on her meds (as she stopped everything and that's not been good). I also booked an appointment for myself to talk about my own burn out experience and perhaps look to added support I can get to prevent a future one. One of the options with counseling is family support which I'm going to access.

So I'm back on course with my group... and with June just around the corner launching a fun and simple challenge to get back in the groove of things. If there's one thing I know - exercise is what helps me stabilize my mood and is the BEST stress management tool there is! It also helps me shift the focus off alcohol and onto my health!

These are a few of the quotes that helped me to be gentle with myself as I am now making my self-care a priority again... Happy Friday SPeeps!!

And here's to closing the chapter to the month of MAY and beginning a fresh new month tomorrow!

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