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Impromptu Ghost Hunting Trip Doesn't Disappoint!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

My daughter and SIL and I like to investigate haunted locations, spend the night, and ghost hunt. We have traveled to many locations in the past 3 years. Friday night we found that we might have an opportunity to spend Sat evening and night at a familiar favourite in Buffalo, NY. We jumped at the chance when we got confirmation first thing on Sat morning. Literally, jumped in the shower, dressed, threw a change of clothes in a bag, grabbed the passport and US$ from the safe, and flew out the door. We were lucky to get a hotel room near Buffalo airport - they were busy this weekend.

Saturday was a hot and humid day in Buffalo! Buffalo got the tail end of the storm that brought hail and downed trees and power outages to our area in Southwestern Ontario. There was heavy rain and some thunder and lightning, but it wasn't too bad there. Nice to have some stormy weather for ghost hunting - even if it does interfere with voice and digital recordings!

We arrived at our location about 7 pm. Immediately upon entering we heard whistles and light singing. No matter how many times I investigate, it always amazes me when I see the flashlights light up and the motion detectors go off and hear footsteps and feel something touch me - but there is nothing there - that I can see.

The activity continued until we packed up at 2:30 am - my SIL and I would have gone longer but my daughter was getting tired then. This location has a strong military affiliation (there is even a room designated as "The Military Room") and we thought it was fitting to investigate there on the American Memorial Day weekend!

Although we have spent several other nights at Iron Island Museum, we were still surprised with the activity. It is an incredible building with such a long history! Big shout out to Marge & Linda who take such great care of the building and it's occupants! If you are interested, several TV shows have been there - you can google and see Ghost Hunters episode shot there. We went up the ladder to that attic too!

It was such a fantastic night! But, I only got about 4 hours sleep and I did all the driving, so I will be off to bed very early - likely soon after supper tonight as we do not have a long weekend and I have to work tomorrow - bright and early.

I hope that all my American friends are enjoying their long weekend! It was wonderful to pop over and enjoy your long weekend too!

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