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Summer Plans/Sunday Start

Sunday, May 26, 2019

I sat down yesterday with a notebook and pen and my kids during their lunch (they got up late so had a late lunch, I had already eaten). We can't do much this Summer in the way of daily going places, because I can't drive. So, we made plans for fun things to do around the house and neighborhood. The library is within walking distance, but we haven't gotten cards for the county we moved to, so will get that done this next week. Here's a few examples of things we came up with to do on a weekly/biweekly basis:

emoticon Water day outside with the dogs small pool, and sprinkler (my oldest thinks she is too old for sprinklers, I bet she will be surprised) We'll also wash the dogs on these days so they don't smell like wet dog afterwards!!
emoticon Movie night! We are going to go to the movie theatre once or twice, but at home I'd like to have weekly movie nights to share movies I grew up with, and watch the Marvel movie series! I haven't even seen half of them! (only the ones that kids can watch, no Deadpool for them!!)
emoticon Daily Devotional/reading
emoticon Workout together daily, Sunday is our rest day, but will still probably do stretches on this day (at least I will)
emoticon Baking lessons

And so much more! And then we have the one or two time events like going to the Korean market and eating lunch there, and going to the movie theatre, and we are going to Pigeon Forge for a week, the entire Family (my in-laws) are going. Well, Aunt G is staying home, but that is because she is not getting around very well right now.

We talked for two hours discussing new wake-up and bed times, cleaning schedules, and fun activities to do. They didn't like talking about the cleaning, but I stood firm. They have to get their rooms clean or I am going to clean it for them - they do not want that!! It's not like we are going to be doing hours of cleaning every day, just some in the morning, and some after dinner/before bed, so we can wake up to a clean house. I know that always puts me in a better mood.

As for working out, they are both a little excited about it. I was happy for that. They see it as helping me get in shape, so it is easier for them to accept.

I've also got a plan for training my dog. I have not been working with her much, so she is falling into bad habits again, and the kids are not treating her right because she has boundless energy, and therefore gets into trouble. So, I'm going to start by wearing her out with fetch in the backyard, she is comfortable with the backyard. Then I'll copy what the trainer showed me when he came over. Hopefully I can get him to come over at the end of the week and see how we are doing. She has a long way to go, but then so do I. I've got to get off of the computer so much! I'm hoping the plans with the kids and all the other plans I'm making I'll be able to put into actions and we will make it work!! One of the reasons I'm doing this is that I want to get closer to my kiddos again, spend time with them. I've been... not absent, but not fully there for them because I've been down so much with my chronic illnesses. We seem to be getting a better grip on them at the moment, so I'm going to seize this opportunity and spend time with them.

Sunday is our planning day. We will look at the next week's schedule and food budget, and plan our weekly activities. So if we are going to bake, we will plan what we are going to bake and see if the ingredients are within our food budget to buy that week. Movie night, make sure we have popcorn, what night will it be? Game night, what games might we play? Do we need to buy a new game? Going to a friends house/having a friend over, set that up, since I can't drive and meet the parents so I'm okay with them going. That kind of thing.

Working on setting things up for myself as well, like I've been trying to for a while. Before bed routine, morning routine, getting moving, not just by exercising, but staying off the computer and off my butt and staying somewhat active all day, as much as I can, and build up my stamina. Try not to nap unless absolutely necessary for a chronic illness day. Celebrate my small successes. Yesterday was a good day. I didn't nap, I cleaned some, I trained my pup some, and I made dinner and did laundry. Not much, but more than usual. I did watch shows for a while on Netflix, but I think doing a little of that is okay, only problem at the time was that my pup decided to start getting into things at the exact same time.

So we are starting today! After church we will sit and plan our week after going over what the schedule looks like. I think that it might take a week or two to get into a routine of making sure we do the daily stuff like cleaning and devotionals and such, but I'm hoping that I can stay firm enough to stick to a routine and make it flexible as needed but still get the things done. I'm going to start doing my stretching routines, I have a few I want to alternate, especially hip opening stretches, my hips have been giving me problems of late, and I remember my grandmother on my mom's side having like three hip replacements, don't want that! So I need to take care of my body!

Happy Summer everyone, and good Memorial Day emoticon Remember those who served, those who gave all, for our freedom!


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