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In the midst of a string of peopling days

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Today was the big day for working out. Had my regular Tuesday morning workout with the coach earlier than usual, as he needed to get over to set up for the video taping. I was the second demo model, so he told me to arrive about 2:15 p.m., but later sent a message to come at 1:45 p.m. instead.

I got there, was introduced to the director and the cameraman, and of course Gary (the coach) was there to do the talking while I went through the paces as directed. It was a lop-sided workout, as they only taped one side, just mentioning that we'd repeat on the other side. emoticon

At first I thought I'd get away without sweating, and I took my sweatband off at the first break, and did the next four exercises without it. But then as the director stepped in to mop the sweat off my face I realized how hard I was actually working. Sweatband back on for the remainder of the taping. emoticon

After the "wide shots" they had me repeat a number of repetitions of each exercise before moving on to the next, so they could get "cut away", i.e. closeups of form and equipment. A few of the exercises were shot both face-on and from the side, so that made for a third set.

They decided to have both Georgia and I do the core based exercises, alternating between us, and finishing with both of us on the floor doing the "superman", the final exercise. It turned out to be a lot of fun, but as I was driving home... my abs reminded me that they worked harder than on a normal workout day, having got hit twice!

Don't know if we'll get a chance to see the videos once they get them cut, edited and finished, but I kind of hope so. I might end up hating it, but it was an honor to be asked, and as I said, it was fun, especially because Georgia and I often work out one after the other with Gary, so we see each other and this was a chance to see one another in action, and offer kudos.

How about y'all, Spark buds? Are you having active fun today? Sticking to your food plan? Just make the best decisions you can, wherever your are in your personal journey, to support your health and well being, on this Tuesday, May 21, 2019. After all, it's the only one we'll ever get, and we are worth it, every one of us! emoticon emoticon
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