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TERRIFICACIOUS TUESDAY !!!! What a WONDERFUL day yesterday ... and hopefully more to come!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks


Grab an extra coffee or tea .. this is a blabble one !!!!


I was a bit apprehensive .. wondering why .. after all these years, did my friend call me to go out for an adventure day ... but once we met, we gave each other the biggest hug .. that's where my apprehension stopped .. it was like old times .. She had been my best friend through high school, and something happened .. when I got married, I asked her to be my maid of honor, and she said no .. never gave any reason, just no .. after that .. we drifted apart ..

We re-met when we were working in "compatable companies" and her job, and my job gave us the availability to "talk" ... and from there we became FB friends .. but there was still that distance ...after 40 years ..

Yesterday closed up that distance .. We talked the entire trip through the zoo, we got lost together, and we laughed, and we just had a fun day .. with plans to do this again .. She loves walking through park, natural settings as well .. She's led a very interesting life, and both Mom "B" and Dad "B" have passed .. and she's buried a husband, and happily married to her second .. We talked about retirement, we talked about old classmates, we talked about our adventures when we were younger .. but there was that match again .. She said I haven't changed .. I'm still goofy .. Yup .. I guess I am .. lol .. and she admitted that she is still afraid to adventure without someone prodding her on, and I have that kind of personality .. lol .. She told me that "I" was the one to inspire her to retire .. (she retired in February of this year) .. Wow .. that's a lot to put on my shoulders .. lol lol lol ..

It was a wonderful day .. we went to lunch at the Grizzly Grill cafe .. and I had a good hamburger with fries, and she had a chicken wrap .. and it was good .. but even moreso .. we talked for another hour and a half .. just talked .. there was no uncomfortable silence in the entire time we were together .. :) .. WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY !!!! and sooo much what I needed .. to bring me out of my blaaahhh .. lol ...

I was petting one of the deer and they had velvet on their antlers ... I reached up and petting the velvet .. and that's just what it felt like .. I haven't felt something that soft in like .... forever !!! One more thing I can check off .. I touched antler velvet .. lol .. I told her to feel it, and she was very apprehensive ... reaching through the fence .. :)

They had school children there .. and they have feeding stations .. You can buy a bucket of food, and feed the deer postings .. and others throughout the walk .. We didn't partake, because I had my camera and didn't want something else to carry with me .. and well .. Lori is kind of afraid .. lol .. Even petting some of the deer, she seemed to be apprehensive .... lol lol .. but I wasn't about to push .. I was just there getting my happy .. and boy .. I found my happy !!!!

They appeared to be city kids, and were fun to watch them trying to feed the animals .. I think they were maybe 1st or 2nd grade .. and some were afraid to feed the deer .. One of the ladies that were chaperoning, said they got nipped at one of the stations, and I saw why right away .. they were cupping their hands .. that leaves little fingers in the way of the nibbles .. I showed them how to hold the food, and open their hands .. and showed them that all those little fingers get in the way ..if they just hold their hands open (I had seen this with someone trying to feed a horse at the fair .. ) they focus on the food and don't have to work around little fingers to get there .. (it's the same thing as teaching a dog to take a treat nicely .. you never "HOLD" the treat but use flat palm to see how vivacious he/she takes it first, so fingers aren't in the way .. lol) Before I knew it I was surrounded by little ones pushing their way in to feed the deer . .lol ... (you fed through the fence) ..

I didn't get as many photos as I normally do .. but we were too busy talking and me petting critters .. lol .. :) I stole a couple of her pictures .. and it was just a fun day .. I was on an exhausted high; all the way home I was smiling !!!!

This one was one of hers .. I tried, and he was very uncooperative .. all I got was an eyeball .. lol ..

We saw this guy sitting in the backfield, and he looked sooo impressive .. :)

I was excited, because I got an Oriole .. He swooped down right next to me .. My friend saw him earlier, and didn't tell me, because she thought I was focusing on something else .. by the time I stopped taking my picture he was gone .. but I got him later in our walk .. lol ..

It was fun .. you would walk up to the fence and they would come trotting over .. :) AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!

And then there was just the "impressive" ....

There was a flower all over the edges of the paths .. and it was sooo pretty .. :)

I am in trouble now.. After posting the pictures on FB, another one of my friends noticed Lori's last name and mentioned that she had a best friend, and still a good friend with the same last maiden name .. it ends up .. it's Lori's sister in law ... Ohoh .. I'm in trouble now !!!!! lol

I got home after making another stop or 2 .. and was thankful because rigormoritis was setting in .. but it was worth it !!!! and probably the result of 3 days of "quiet" (another word for "sitting on my butt" ... lol .. ) ....

Hubby had manwich layed out to make, and he was still going with mom's shopping.. so I made that up when I got home .. By the way .. I have some bratty hummers .. Last count was 3... (possibly 4) .. but I got home, and went out and sat on the front porch with my camera .. I sat quiet .. my hummer came by 2x and zoomed away .. I walked in the house because it was getting cold, went upstairs to get myself changed into comfy clothes, and came back down .. there were 2 on the feeder.. BRATS !!!! lol lol lol ...

Played golf with happy hubby and then I was done .. I made it up to bed at 9, and don't remember much after that !!!! lol .. I closed out my day at 22000 and change steps .. :) and boy .. I felt like it !!!! lol lol

Today -- well .. today is I don't know day ... They are saying that the rain is holding off for today .. so I may just get myself a walk in ... think I may want to try the walk along the lake downtown (yup --downtown Merton ..don't sneeze.. you'll miss it .. lol .. ) Hubby is off getting his free money downtown (Milwaukee .. alittle bigger .. lol) If he makes it home earlier .. may suggest a Mall walk .. (he's happier there .. *sigh* ) The good news is the weather is supposed to be better for the next few days than originally planned .. lol ..

Whatever comes your way ... make it your best !!!! Have a TERRIFICACIOUS TUESDAY !!!!! I'm going to no matter what comes MY way !!!! :)
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