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Who Knew.....

Friday, May 17, 2019

Tomorrow it is suppose to rain so I decided it was time for me to get outside and mow my lawn. I don't think I have EVER had to mow this yard and I've lived her for 36 years. First it was my ex-husband, then as the girls got older they took over, and when he left us I had my wonderful twin sons to do that chore. Once Tom and I were married and the boys were off to college - well, let's just say that mowing was NOT one of my responsibilities.

Tom had to come out and help me begin. First check the gas - nope, not enough. Then I had to learn how to get the gas out of the gas can and into the mower (sounds simple but I honestly had no idea). Now check the oil - oh no, not enough oil. Get the oil under the work bench. Nope, no oil. So he comes into the garage to look - it's on TOP of the work bench. Pour oil, check oil; pour oil, check oil; we did that several times. I guess you don't want too much or too little.

Then I tried to pull the string. Nope, not strong enough. Tom got it started for me and off I went. Daisy followed me all over the yard. Initially I thought only the back yard (we have a very large yard) but once I was going I figured I'd just do the whole thing. Mowing adds lots of steps to your step counter - back and forth, up and down. Took me almost an hour - I thought that was pretty good. I was exhausted!

We do have a riding lawn mower that my step-son got started for us last weekend but I'm a bit intimidated by it. But tonight when I went outside to do a bit more work in the gardens I see the little guy from behind us (maybe about 7) driving his dad's lawn mower into the shed - did a good job too! And I remember my Spark Friend Linda (IMUSTLOSEIT) mowed with her riding lawn mower on her farm in Iowa. Hmmmmm... maybe I should give it a try next time!

DH is about the same as my last blog. I think he is eating just a bit more but still not enough. My daughter called this afternoon and wants to know what she can do to help. I really don't think there is anything anyone can do right now. He needs to want to do the things he should be doing to feel better and his beautiful mind is just not there yet. However, I am confident that it will be eventually. In the meantime, I help him with whatever he needs, I keep him company as much as I can in between chores, and I encourage him to eat a bit more or drink his Ensure.

Daisy and I were walking yesterday when I looked up and thought "Wow, when did THAT happen?" The crab apple trees had bloomed. I hadn't even noticed the one that is right outside our picture window. This was what I first noticed in the Target parking lot (a little fuzzy because Daisy was pulling on the leash)

Then just behind the Target building was this beautiful white tree

When we got home we sat down for a bit with Tom. Since he is now sitting in HER chair (and she's none too happy about that) she has taken up space on the corner of the couch so she can still look out the window when she wants to.

I don't know if I've ever shown you a photo of my cat Sheba - basically because we rarely see her. She has decided that our bedroom is actually her room but she allows us to sleep there as long as she can sleep with us! She is probably about 13 - my mother got her as a young cat (not too much older than a kitten I'd say) a few months before she passed away - so Sheba became our cat.

I wish you all a very happy weekend. I hope some of you have some beautiful weather. We are expecting storms overnight - there's been a lot of rain this May so far. But it sure is helping the flowers to grow.

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  • PICKIE98
    Your dog is beautiful!
    652 days ago
    Oh...and after ALL that...I forgot to tell you how sweet Daisy and Sheba look buds...I just love it! Also, go for the mower...I KNOW you can master that big boy! emoticon
    656 days ago
    Awhhhh the smell of newly cut grass! It could be a perfume for me...I SO love it...especially in Spring when you are just yearning for some flowers and GREEN! I know exactly what you are dealing with on the chore list. I've never had to wheel our big ole' garbage can to the curb, haul the recyclables out there and REMEMBER on what days WHAT goes out. I also now do all of the shopping and hauling of the HEAVY bottles of water from Costco into the house. Geeze...I'm not as strong as I used to be but I bet that changes pretty quickly. Yesterday was a sad day for me...I really never envisioned we would be spending our coveted 41st anniversary at the doctor's office. Don wanted to take an infusion of Vit. C and nutrients that takes 3 LONNNNG hours to infuse intravenously. I think at the end of the line he was sorry he decided to do it. But who am I to say anything that he thinks might have helped him. Today he has thrown up several times and had lots of diarrhea so I don't know if it's the infusion from yesterday or something he ate for breakfast or maybe the antibiotic they restarted since his temp was slightly elevated. I seriously doubt he will be taking that again.

    Sooooo it's a whole new world out there without our strong men and I'm not sure I like it but we are strong women and will adapt as we always have.

    Thank goodness we have a lawn service...with this blistering hot heat in FL I'd probably pass out doing our yard...although luckily there isn't a huge amount of it so our weekly lawn service is quite reasonable.

    I'd never say we women don't need men in our world...we surely do..but it may be mostly for their muscle strength ha..ha! And...even we can overcome that if we work out and build our own..just kidding...I love my hubs as much as you love yours.

    Let's hope they both get better. Don called me today and acted like he was dying...I asked him if he wanted me to close the gallery and come home although I didn't think I could do much other than watch him throw up and hand him toilet paper.. emoticon I don't mean to be flippant in the least...but I honestly never know if he isn't dramatizing things...after all he IS his mother's son...and we KNOW that she is the drama queen of the universe....if this doesn't clear up..back to the doctor he shall go.

    Now it will be harder than ever to get him to eat anything. emoticon

    Oh...and I just read something AWFUL about is FULL of sugar and chemicals...just what cancer loves...WHY is this crap on the market and recommended by doctors for very sick's AWFUL...I should have known better and read the label...I know better...but when we are stressed and run down we believe what doctor's tell us. I just spent a bunch on a whole case and don't know what the heck to do now.

    I read about it in a Facebook group for cancer...UGH! Now I'm so sorry I recommended it to you! emoticon So sorry my friend!
    656 days ago
    So good to read the update and thanks for sharing those pictures! Daisy and Sheba are beautiful!! Well just take one day at time and give yourself some breaks whenever you are doing things you have not done before. Mowing is my DH's job and boy am I spoiled too! However, you find strength and courage when you need it and you my friend are doing awesome!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    658 days ago
    Kathy, I'm so proud of you for mowing!!! You know I went through that whole emotional thing after mowing for the first time. I remember just staring at trying to figure out how to turn it on. Now it's relaxing to mow the lawn.

    I'm so sorry that Tom is not doing well. Will keep him in my prayers.
    659 days ago
    One of the things I love about Spring - and yet it seems to surprise me every year - is the beauty of flowering trees and bushes. Was looking out the window at my Mom's today at the azalea in bloom - so bright and beautiful - I almost had to put on my sunglasses!

    Yay for you - mowing the lawn. I love mowing my lawn - lots of steps and a sense of accomplishment. I prefer my older push mower to the newer electric-start power mower I bought from a neighbor (before they moved to where they didn't need to mow) for "later" when I can't pull start my mower anymore. My sister also loves to mow as it gives her time to herself.

    Daisy is so beautiful - you too Sheba!
    659 days ago
    The trees are beautiful. With the rider, it takes just under four hours to mow our lawn. With all the rain, we still haven't been able to mow all of it. The mower got stuck last week in a wet spot.
    Precious dog. They do like their favorite spot, don't they?
    659 days ago
    Ah, you'll become Lawn Ranger II if you learn to use the riding mower! good for you for going beyond your comfort zone! Kudos.
    659 days ago
    I used to mow our yard when we were first married but haven't since we moved to this location. My DH is still able but I think the time will come before long that this will change.

    Glad to hear Tom is eating a little better. Loved the photos of the blooming trees and the pets are adorable!
    660 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    I know exactly what you are saying about the lawn mower! I don't mind doing the mowing, but I have a terrible time starting it as apparently, I don't have enough umph to pull the stupid string to get it going! I always thought I had a lot of upper body strength from pushing, pulling, lifting at the hospital, but not when it comes to the mower!
    Great job on getting all your steps in, I would encourage you to do it with the riding lawn mower though if you can, it sounds like a big yard. It will probably even be kind of fun. Kind of like a gocart from years ago.
    Please take good care of yourself through all of this too. Sending prayers and healing wishes to you!
    660 days ago
    I really enjoyed your blog today; well actually everyday, but today had a lot going on in it. Your pets are so sweet there on the chair and I think you did good doing the lawn yourself. Not an easy task. Lots of crab trees and magnolias in bloom around here too. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    660 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    I did all the mowing in our house and I quite enjoyed it. I,had lots of gardens and trees to go around and a few hills. It made the job a little more interesting. We do what we have to do.

    I hope your hubby feels better soon.
    660 days ago
    I love to mow. We have 4 acres and mow 2.5 for yard. The lawn tractor is where I connect with nature, relax, and de-stress. There is something aesthetic about freshly cut grass.

    We have storms predicted for tomorrow afternoon.

    Prayers that DH will recover from whatever the illness is that the doctors are unable to diagnose

    Have a wonderful weekend. .
    660 days ago
    Well of course you can use a riding mower! (Or hire the kid behind you to do your lawn!) Congrats on adding a new skill to your list.
    Glad to hear your husband is some better. Maybe as he gets out and going he'll be motivated to do more and he'll get better.
    At one of our previous homes we had a crabapple tree and it would be blooming around Mother's Day, so for several years my husband would take a picture of me/our daughter at the tree. Our daughter called it a "crabble" tree at first.
    660 days ago
    660 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Good that Tom is eating some food, and hope he starts feeling better each day. Oh the days of mowing the lawn as a kid, first with a push mower, then dad bought the gas mower. Lucky he always checked the gas and oil and took care of that. So I never learned how to put gas or oil in the mower either. Now in Texas, hubby mowed the small strip of grass twice in the summer heat. Then had rock put down, so neither of us mow these days, fine by both of us. It is miserable to mow in the insane heat and humidity when it get over 110 degrees out.
    Cute picture of both of your pets. I imagine Daisy is a bit upset her chair has been reassigned by Tom. Animals are cretchers
    660 days ago
    We got storms last night, and a dreary rainy day, and night is not going to be any better, or this whole next week there is a chance of rain every day. So yes, if it wasn't the the wind, you would be able to hear the grass growing, so the Lawn Ranger is just waiting on the side lines until it stops raining, then it is going to be mow, mow, mow. And yes a rider is the only way to go, and after you learn all the levers it kind of relaxing. Just me and the mower. But I must wear my goggles, to keep the dust and pollen out of my eyes, or they drive me crazy for about 2 days afterward, just itch, itch, itch. So Yes I like to mow.
    660 days ago
    I've never mowed a lawn so you are teaching me something I never knew! Go you for doing it! Daisy is such a beauty. That photo with Sheba is so sweet. Lovely trees! Hope Tom gets well soon!
    660 days ago
    aorry that Tom is not better. Will keep him in prayer emoticon

    good for you mowing the lawn That is major exercise
    660 days ago
    This brings back good memories! One of my favorite chores (maybe the only chore I liked) as a child was mowing the lawn. I'm from Georgia, so mowing season was long, and my mother wanted it mowed every week, as the grass grew so fast. Isn't it a good feeling to look out the front window after all that hard work and see the results of your labor. Now that was a sweaty job in the humid South!

    I'm sorry Tom is still not feeling well and hope he improves very soon. It sounds as if you are taking very good care of him.

    Daisy and Sheba are beautiful pets, and it's clear how much you love them (and they love each other--yay!). Hope the storms aren't scary or damaging.
    660 days ago

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