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Update May 16th

Thursday, May 16, 2019

I cannot believe it's already May. ... . correction, it's already mid-May.

This morning I woke up and my bathroom door was locked. Don't you hate when the ghosts lock doors on you? I know I do! Since I am in town and cannot go outside to pee, like I would have done on the farm, I had to quickly think up a plan. I managed to get the lock open by jimmy it with a knife.

I still don't know how on earth the door locked.

My dad got the flu bug early last month. He lost his ability to walk further than a few feet. He stopped driving, stopped going for twice daily walks and worried he may end up in a wheelchair. His stomach started to really hurt, so without telling me, he and Mum went to ER. The doctor on call did a full check-up, an ultrasound and a chest x-ray. She saw a "black mass" and figured it might be gall stones.

He had blood work, there wasn't anything significant, and his family doctor looked over the results. By now he is walking again, his strength is returning but his appetite is still off.

Family doctor decided to send Dad for a CT, so I took off 1/2 day as medical and drove him (and Mum) into the city to get it done.

Dad's doctor stated it still seemed to be organic, although no one was sure what it was, and it was more a shadow, than a mass. Dad was set up to see his surgeon - the one who did the cancer surgery 7 years ago - and I put in to use banked time.

Monday afternoon was the appointment, but Mum called at 11:30 AM - doctor cannot see Dad at 3:30 PM, due to an emergency at the hospital. If we can arrive around 1 PM, he can still be seen and not wait for a few weeks. Fortunately I didn't have clients booked - am trying to get paperwork done and not succeeding - so I pick them up and off we go. We arrive at 1:05 PM - pretty good, as it's 110 kms plus traffic.

Surgeon believes it's diverticulitis and the shadow is inflammation. Dad will have a colonoscopy done by the surgeon, on June 4th. That means going to the city the night prior, staying in a motel and taking Dad in early for the scope. I will use vacation to cover.

Dad was relieved, still worried but relieved. He fixated on "rule out cancer" so I talked him off that ledge. I told Dad if the surgeon saw cancer, Dad would know - as this surgeon is blunt, direct and doesn't hold back information. Mum said, "I saw no white shadows and those are the cancer shadows." She learned this from Dad's cancer in the past. I explained diverticulitis is a diet change and he'll get help to sort all this out. We had a good lunch of fish and chips, then headed home.

Mum had her kidney clinic today through Telehealth. Her kidney function is good - it's holding between 39-43 (normal is 50-60; bad is 20 or less) and her potassium level is down (which is good). She has no active kidney disease symptoms.

The dietitian was a rude, flighty woman. She and I had words on her lack of respect. She told me to "be nice" and I told her exactly what I expect out of a professional. She apologized, although it wasn't sincere and she got the "mother who was not impressed with the way her daughter was being talked to" woman. Mum is always happy, she jokes around and makes people laugh. This woman got one word answers.

At work someone took the car keys for one of the fleet vehicles and no one seemed to care - until I wrote a text to my manager stating the difficulties I had trying to sort out keys and making me late for my client. When I returned, the keys were back.

It's as frustrating as having to constantly fill up the gas tank on the fleet vehicles because coworkers stated "sorry I was too busy, you don't mind right."

Mum and I were ignored in the Telehealth conference for over 20 minutes - the dietitian was not only late, she flew in to start talking to us, then ran out of the room stating something about we were the wrong people. (thus the conversation on respect)

At the conference last week, I watched the caterer start clearing off the food containers within seconds after I got my food and while another woman was still getting her food. When the other woman asked for a fork, the caterer lectured her on 'why are there no forks" and didn't seem to want to provide her with one. The lady was calm, I would have been livid. She finally was told where she could find a fork. It was ridiculous. I put it on the end of the day evaluation and the next day, the food stayed out over the entire lunch break.

Seriously though, what is wrong with people that you'd dump out full containers of good food and not wait for everyone to have opportunity to grab lunch. I guess she had things to do, but I was glad to see that food was out longer, the next day.

I took my car in for recall work and to check on a faulty airbag light, on Saturday. I was told it would be done within 2 hours (at the most). After 2 hours and 15 minutes, I got up and asked what was going on, because no one came to update me. It turned out the recall work was more involved than planned - replacing a defective air bag on the passenger side - and the issue with the driver side airbag, was difficult to figure out.

After an apology for not updating, I was given a SUV to drive "anywhere you want, just return around 3:30 PM, as your car will be ready."

It wasn't. They were finally done the airbags and on to do the diagnostic on the brakes.

Then a hour later, the power went I drove up. One couple had their car up on the hoist when the power went out; my car was on the ground.

Fortunately the power was out only 20 they got their car down.

The good news - I don't need to replace my brakes. The bad news, I have to replace the driver side air bag which costs almost $700. (without labour) I cannot ignore it because the issues mean no other airbag will be deployed in the event of an accident. Being that I'm taking the folks to the coast in mid-June, I want the car working really well. I will get the airbag replaced and oil change done on June 1st.

I still am not sure where I'll find the money, but I have a credit card and will use it!

I had to fight for full reimbursement of my thyroid medication. The insurance company only reimbursed $54, as they only accepted $75 for submission - out of $210. I had to call the insurance broker, who dealt with the situation and the remainder $150 was returned.

My niece who is 11, has a funky body that is not cooperating - she has celiac disease and type 1 diabetes. We swim for hours 2-3 times a week. Normally her sugars drop really low after a couple hours, instead one day her sugars went up and the other time, dropped only a couple numbers - remained high. She picked up her monitor to throw it, then put it back on the desk. I told her it sucks, it's not her fault and if 4.5 hours of hard swimming raises sugar levels, then it's a funky body. I made jokes and got her laughing. Seriously, that's all one can do is laugh because so much is not in her control.

Still in the end, we had a lovely Sunday - drove the folks out to her home to meet her new horse. Spirit is 16 years old, 14 hands tall, Palomino/Quarter Horse. Maddy is totally in love and Spirit is in love with her. I held the lead rope as Maddy went to get treats and Spirit almost took off my arm, with her urge to follow her person. I think it took all she had to stand still and wait. She is definitely connected up with Maddy.

Afterwards we swam for 4.5 hours, visited with the grandparents at their home (again) as her Dad was there, and then, went home. We plan to swim on Friday and Saturday too. I'm sure she'll also try for Sunday. I'm glad Monday is a holiday, so I can recuperate.

And work..........we won't go there. I'm frustrated with social worker's egos, as are some of the social workers too. (as not all have huge egos that insist on battling) I'm frustrated with lazy coworkers, with coworkers that think my not gossiping all day is a sign I'm angry and I'm tired of the lies from management. I'm also frustrated with a coworker who is not happy with me, as I had to involve her supervisor into two different client situations; as we have mutual clients. I'm not apologizing, it is what it is - and really, I am okay with being ignored.

I was also interviewed for accreditation and all the interviewer wanted to focus on was what happened back in 2008 when we amalgamated with another society. It's irrelevant as they are to focus on the past 3 years, but she was curious. I did get in what I needed her to hear, even though she was trying to get back on schedule, which meant rushing to end the interview. It didn't help my manager came into the room, sat down and started asking the interviewer, about her schedule, did she want to get on track, was it okay to be behind etc. The accreditation people started late and then, requested we all provide information in detail about what we do, committees we are on, where we are from, did we grow up here, what are we proud about at work - it put us a full hour behind schedule.

The reason they were late arriving was due to breakfast being served late - which was only fruit, so not sure what that was about. We had provided muffins and coffee/tea here, along with fruit, so I'm not sure why managers didn't communicate that to the team.

So I will head off to bed now, and hope tomorrow is a good day without any egos to deal with, and no more ghosts locking doors. I'm also in pain, had 3 blind migraines in the past few days and all off my eating. I think it's the weather, one minute really hot and the next, down about 20-25 degrees. The smoke from the forest fire didn't help the asthma either. At least that is contained and no longer a threat. Okay, signing off, getting Advil and going to sleep.

I wish you all a good tomorrow/today.

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    Thank you for sharing. You are a good daughter.
    4 days ago
  • JASMINE2019
    I pray that your Dad will get better!
    4 days ago
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