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Feathers ;-) 05/15/19

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Funny Chatty Budgie

& now their family tree - dino chickensaur

found that a few weeks ago.
Saw the T.Rex exhibit at the Natural History museum. Another member event, this time with the curator & main scientist speaking. Very interesting. Several new discoveries this year have clarified & expanded information on dinos.
They were feathered. Great hearing, but no proof on how they sounded. Some did sit on their eggs like modern birds.
Came across an unusual modern bird - the hoatzin - notable for having chicks that have claws on two of their wing digits. It is the last surviving member of a bird line that branched off in its own direction 64 million years ago, shortly after the extinction event that killed the non-avian dinosaurs.


Several dino-age flying creatures had talons/claws on their wings -Archaeopteryx, Pteranodon, pteranodon, Pterodactyls, pterosaurs

I haven't lost my childhood fascination with ancient creatures.

Have a festive day.

Peggy & the Bears
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