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May 15th~Call me Exhausted

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

First the junker guys got here..and they did a great job of clean up! It is so nice to look out in the West pasture and be able to gaze across at the mountains without that ugly falling apart camper in view. They loaded stuff up..even took more than I thought they would and then raked the area for me! I am impressed and will be calling them again. That reminds me I need to put a really great comment on their page.
I did not get out in the yard as we were supposed to go to Red Lobster when Gene got in from class, but when he got in..well he was hot ..and tired. Traffic was awful, he almost got in an accident, there were 2 accidents on the other side of the road and rubber neckers were watching that instead of staying in their own lane. So his comment was ..of all the things I want in life..going back to town today is NOT one of them. We now are scheduled for Friday afternoon when it will be less of a rush for all of us.
Lacking that I decided to rearrange my bedroom. Mainly ..well it is done. It will stay this way till I no longer live here! I had never moved my new bed..I have now and I will never do it again!
I have lots of other projects that would not be as difficult and I would enjoy more! Although I do like my room this way..nice breeze across the bed at night so sleep is improved.
I did not have anything out for supper so scrounged around and came up with a quick easy meal. Cooking was NOT high on my list of things to do once the bedroom was done!
Skinner has learned the new "summer" schedule ..he usually got his evening hay about 3 or so..with our longer days I wait till it is time to put the birds up and then throw his hay. He has a lot of green grass to graze on and is just spoiled! This PM as soon as he heard me out there calling the geese he was in his stall, head hanging over the gate doing his Please Feed Me bray! Then Don Q joins in..so although Don is across the pasture the donkey concert continues!
This girl is so ready for bed. I will go out and look across the pasture one more time in the moonlight at the mountains..then tuck me in.
Good nite all..

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