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Half way mark...... May Fat Challenge

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


TDEE...2500 needed to reach it daily

2196 fat calories 244g fat 88%
228 pro calories 57g pro 9%
76 carb calories 19g carb 3%

MAY 1: 2339 cal, 234g fat, 51g pro, 12g carb, 89%/9%/2%
MAY 2: 2162 cal, 210g fat, 48g pro, 20g carb, 87%/9%/4%
May 3: 2201 cal, 199g fat, 73g pro, 22g carb, 83%/13%/4%
May 4: 2255 cal, 210g fat, 74g pro, 11g carb, 85%/13%/2%
May 5: 2392 cal, 221g fat, 85g pro, 11g carbs, 84%/14%/2%
May 6: 2229 cal, 214g fat, 60g pro, 26g carbs, 84%/11%/5%
May 7: 2403 cal, 225g fat, 66g pro, 24g carbs, 85%/11%/4%
May 8: 1884 cal, 175g fat, 55g pro, 13g carbs, 85%/12%/3%
May 9: 2326 cal, 214g fat, 87g pro, 15g carbs, 82%/15%/3%
May 10: 2424 cal, 230g fat, 66g pro, 29g carbs, 84%/11%/5%
May 11: 2348 cal, 231g fat, 52g pro, 11g carbs, 89%/9%/2%
May 12; 2701 cal, 238g fat, 131g pro, 2g carbs, 81%/19%/0%
May 13, 2451 cal, 245g fat, 58g pro, 4g carbs, 90%/9%/1%
May 14: 2394 cal, 223g fat, 65g pro, 31g carbs, 84%/11%/5%
May 15: 2668 cal, 246g fat, 65g pro, 2g carbs, 89%/11%/0%

I'm half way through the month. I have gone over my calories 2 times in 15 days. Both days while trying to reach my fat goal. I had 1 day of TOO HIGH protein. However, I will point out that it was THE NORM for me prior to this challenge. My protein has always been high. This has been a BIG challenge for me. I am managing to get it done... but am struggling. My carbs have stayed pretty good. I have had 5 days where my carbs were over 20. 1 of those days was 31g. Not bad considering all I ate that day was salad & broiled oysters. One Day At a Time. I'm doing my best. I will continue to push forward and do my best.

Thanks for taking the journey with me. Bright blessings to you all.
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