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. . . Try, try again.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

I’m at an age where I’m enjoying watching my grandkids and my siblings’ grandkids grow and develop, and I’m fascinated by the never-ending effort they put into learning things. I think I was subconsciously aware of this effort with my own kids, but I was so busy trying to maintain safety that I didn’t fully appreciate the perseverance at the time. The hundreds of different positions they will try in order to roll over, the number of times they will lift that leg trying to hook it over the edge of the couch and pull themselves onto it, the countless times they will stand up again after falling down when learning to walk. If I could bottle that determination, I’d be rich! I’m reminded of this as I sit here today, contemplating yet another attempt at taking this excess weight off. I’ve tried SO many times over the years, some more successful than others, but I’ve never come anywhere close to reaching my goal weight. Each attempt inevitably ends with falling off the wagon, going back to my old habits, and regaining all the weight I lost plus more, usually. I’m especially worried that this attempt will end the same way, because I have more at stake this time: at 257, this is the most I’ve ever weighed — more than 100 lbs over what I should weigh; I’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure and have to take medication to control it; and I slide back and forth across the border of diabetes. The thought of making another start is a little daunting, but the alternative is giving up, and there’s no chance of success if you give up. So, I’m taking a page from these tiny tots, and trying again — and again, and again and again — until I succeed. I’ll be posting my successes — and trials and tribulations — here, and I’d love to share support and encouragement with others making this journey. #NEVERGIVEUP
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