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IF Scales Could Talk-There Might Be Some GOOD NEWS!

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Monday, May 13, 2019

…::We all know not to judge a book by it's cover, right? After all, it's the content that counts, and the cover can only tell the us so much. For that reason, we must turn the pages, look deeper, and read between the lines.

Now then: IF you weighed and saw you lost a couple pounds or more since last week's weigh in--would you be charged and inspired? Might your face look something like this?

But IF you weigh and the scale was the same from a week ago with all your hard work, would you be as motivated as when you see a drop in your weight or would you be puzzled?

Should that discourage you or me? Do you look at it and feel disappointed, or think you should work harder? Increase exercise--which is already consistent and try to improve a daily menu that's already spot on? And do you ever find the scale affecting your mood--just a little?

So then, IF scales could talk, here is what they might say so we can end the love-hate war.

"I can only record weight but that does not mean you gained fat. --wish I could explain more."
"Truth is, yes-you gained weight BUT don't cry! None of it was fat!"
"It is up because of all your strength-training."
"You not only grew more lean muscle-BUT you gained in bone too!"
"That is good news--you need your bones and muscle to be strong for support."
"You're just seeing some extra water weight; that could change in a day or two."
"Last---read between the lines because I can't tell you if you lost water, fat, or muscle."
"So regardless of the number you see, stay encouraged and stay in the game!"

Here's my take:
A couple weeks ago, I weighed and my hubby asked how it was. I said "same" but was it really?

Here's the good news!
I have been doing ST which means--stretch bands, weights, and do weight bearing things like squats, use the elliptical--weighted cables and so forth. Last January, I met w/ a coach-trainer and asked her if I could expect to see a significant in say six months with the consistency in ST? (of course do my cardio too and some real changes in my eating habits).

She said, "Absolutely! What you will be doing is changing your body composition." And that is exactly what is happening. Rather than me look at the scale and said "Same" I remember the words of the scale.

This morning I did weigh and had lost another pound, which brought me to a loss of FIFTEEN pounds in the last several weeks! ..
Thanks for stopping by today and remember: Never give up or be discouraged. emoticon Your story is an inside job and always subject to change as you stay consistent! (Also--there are a number of tools to gauge how you are doing: how your clothes fit-the use of a tape measure or a compliment given).
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