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SUPERNACIOUS SATURDAY !!!! Laundry day today .. and I need more days like yesterday !!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks



I started out my day having a hearty breakfast because I knew that I wasn't going to stop for lunch if possible .. and it worked .. it carried me until me dinner .. When I got home, I took the bull by the horns, and I pan fried fresh fish for the first time EVER !!!!!!

Now .. I've made cod and tilapia in the oven or boiled my cod .. (those are my 2 fav's) but a friend gave me a bag of fresh fish that he cleaned and bagged, and I looked up on line to find out "what kind of spices are used with fish" .. ?? and most came through as salt and pepper .. so yesterday I took the bull by the horns, and set up my egg mix, and seasoned bread crumbs .. and dove in .. My kitchen was a mess, but I had so much fun and it tasted yummy .. and while I was putting the leftovers into the refridge .. the thought of "fish tacos" jumped into my head for today .. I have chopped salad in the fridge, and tortilla shells .. Yup -- think that will be my lunch .. Anyway --- back to yesterday ... lol lol (see ..had a GREAT day yesterday ... :) )

I started out at Holy Hill .. and while it is still my "serene" place .. I think the path was 100% uphill .. lol ...

There were no critters ... I heard birds, but none were visible .. That just added to the peace of the grounds .. I walked the back path .. the posts of the cross .. (the story of the crucifix) .. Thankfully they have benches at each spot, because being "uphill" ... I needed them .. lol lol .. but I did it !!!! :) I could have just turned the other way; and avoided the uphill .. but I didn't .. I pushed forward .. :) YAY ME !!!!! I just took it slow (I do enjoy the thought of breathing .. lol)

The weather was beautiful, and as I sat at one of the benches .. I watched the trees .. they are tall and sway in the wind .. I thought .. "they would be wicked if the wind was really hard" .. but all the trees stood tall .. and there was such a feeling of calm ..

I finally made it all the way back up hill to my car .. :) and headed to my next stop .. I wanted to stop and pick up some suet to refill my acrobats ..

One of my followers/friends posted that her husband makes his own suet and nectar .. I make my own hummer nectar, but still new to suet, and wanted to make sure my acrobats had some ... so I have time to look up how to make some !!! :) that sounds like fun !!! and yes .. it is very gratuitous (like the big word .. and it's real .. lol) to see the enjoy your recipes .. :) but for now .. my acrobats have a couple of packages of suet .. :) so I can do my studying .. :)

But from the store; I headed to my park, and I'm sooo happy that I did .. OMG !!!! the surprises that I found there !!!!!

I got to my secret not so secret spot ... but we were doing "rotation" .. lol lol .. and the animals were very entertaining .. :)

My geese have become parents (which proves that spring has definately come ... lol) I wanted to go and pick them up and cuddle with them they were so cute .. but well .. common sense and mom and dad kept me in my right mind lol ..

I was listening to them as I was excited to see the "parade" .. and they were almost growling to the little ones, to keep them together.. so interesting, and well -- loving.. :)

And then I turned to see there was another family with 2 chicks .. :)

At the same time my Mooducks (Ancona) came on board to clean up the seed that someone had left behind .. :)

They weren't being nice to Mr Mallard however .. He was peacefully grazing, and they would chase after him. I wanted to stop them, but something .. in nature ... was going on, and I wasn't about to change it .. so I just scolded them, and well .. that didn't work .. lol ... so I just took pictures ..

I decided that I should get going, and walked slowly and quietly between the 2 families of geese .. they seemed to trust me, because they didn't flinch too much .. but watched me as I left .. As I was leaving there were people coming down (next shift), and the one lady was so happy, and made a comment about "the ducks" .. I told them as they passed .. there's 2 families of geese too .. (more as a warning .. parents can get really ornary if their space is challenged ... lol) and she sounded excited about that .. :)

I took a different path back to the car .. and I saw something swoop .. I looked up and could see it in the trees in the distance .. and needed my camera to see what it was .. I was thinking it was a robin .. To my surprise it was my "bluebird of happiness" ..

I was soooo excited .. and took quite a few pictures, because I could hardly see him, I figured possibly 1 would be in focus .. but I was mega pleasantly surprised !!!!!!! I had to giggle to myself .. I was taking pictures of well .. the distant trees, and a lady walked by with her dog, looking ... trying to see what I was shooting .. lol .. and he was so far away he was hard to see ... In fact bringing him into the camera lens, I had to find something in the tree, and run down the branch .. thankfully he was a patient little guy .. :)

On my way to the car, I was parked next to a man with a little white poodle .. "Buddy" .. and he put Buddy down, as I was walking to my car .. Buddy didn't want to get in the car, so I just stopped .. He trotted over to me .. He was maybe only 2x bigger than my girl was .. I asked if I could pet him, and the owner said yes .. so I got a puppy pet .. After he came over and checked me out, and got his scritching .. he walked back with me to my truck, and happily jumped into his truck .. lol lol .. (after the owner bribed him with treats and water .. lol lol ) What a sweet little thing !!!!!!

I don't think ANYTHING could harsh my happy yesterday .. I was in my environment .. nature .. and I couldn't have been happier .. (not to mention it didn't rain, and the sun was out .. :) )

I got home and my happy continued .. I put my "birdbaths" up, and refilled my bird's feeder, and put one of my suets out in the suet holder .. and now all my birds are happy .. When I got into the house, I saw a friend stop by ..

Yesterday was about the closest to PERFECT as I've had since happy hubby left .. (he comes home on Tuesday) ... I enjoyed my fish .. (that "I" made!!! lol) and just had a quiet day sorting out all my photos that I had on my drive .. I download them every few weeks, and then clear off the card .. to start over again (so I don't double download later) .. lol ..

With all the fresh air, and the happy that I had yesterday .. I slept like the proverbial dead .. and even had trouble waking up this morning .. .lol lol .. but well .. "had to" .. lol .. *blush* .. I closed out my steps at 15000 plus .. however, there was time when I was working around the kitchen, that I didn't have my fitbit wannabe on ..

Today is laundry day and just sticking around the house .. The skies are a bit grey, right now, and with it being the weekend .. (yup -- I'm retired spoiled the parks, and stores will be busy .. soooo I'm just staying home !!!

I have some cards that I'm finishing up, and I have to make up an envelope for mom's birthday card ... that I will drop in the mail on Monday on my way home ... Her birthday (92) is next Wednesday .. (thankfully my brother hasn't called to find out what I want to do for her birthday .. lol)

Tomorrow I pick mom up for our overnighter .. :) so I need to start my packing as well .. :)

May the bluebird of happiness .. never poop on your head !!!!

Have a SUPERNACIOUS SATURDAY !!!! I'm going to .. can you say "quiet .. :) " .. and I'm going to megaly enjoy it .. Hope you have a great day as well .. :)
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    7 days ago
    OMG! Your fish looks totally delicious! Yeah for you.

    LOVE your pictures! Gorgeous.

    Love the geese and gosling pictures. Cute as a button! Love the hummer pictures, too.

    Good luck w/the laundry. Doing that here, too.

    8 days ago
    Good Job frying the fish!!!!
    8 days ago
    wow I really need a week for myself but that will never happen. One night not too long ago i made it out with my daughter but the first time in 3 years
    chnged plans for today were to leave early for a visit with hubbys parents cemetary but dog is acting odd, It maybe weather its in the 40s now cold and windy
    so church grocery odds and ends home
    we are mowing some areas at 1pm too wet now
    enjoy mothers day with your mom
    8 days ago
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