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MEGAMAGNIFICIENT MONDAY !!! Glad I took yesterday off .. I was pretty much a walking zombie

Monday, May 06, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks


Yesterday .. sent hubby off .. and I came home and just had a putzy day ..

I came home and changed into my comfies, and just relaxed (kinda) for the day .. I sat and watched TV, and then aroundd 11ish.. I cooked up my steak with mushmush's and onions .. and if I do say so myself .. it was DELICIOUS !!!!!

In the meantime during the morning .. the gleesome threesome had woken up .. and they knew daddy was leaving but was sad because they didn't get to say goodbye before he left .. and then the remembered the story I told them about their older sister, and when daddy went away .. I used to put a sweatshirt or tshirt down that he wore before leaving .. and it settled her down .. well -- they thought they would try it and raided the laundry hamper ..

They said it helped but it still wasn't the same as daddy himself .. :)

They came downstairs, and I didn't see or hear them the rest of the day .. hmmmm should I be worried ?? lol lol

I sat and sat some more .. Ohhh .... I did things, but I was having a heck of a time keeping my eyeballs open .. so I decided to get my gumpshun and go up and bag up my shoes to throw in the trunk to drop off today .. I got that done, but the rest are going to have to wait for another trip .. the good news is the shoes in the main bedroom closet; have been worn regularly, and I know that 99% of them fit ..:) I'll take care of them later .. for now .. I was happy I did the ones I did ... and have them in the car waiting for me .. :)

I had made my first batch of hummer mix .. I looked up on line when they come in .. and it said "late April, early May " .. well -- it was passed late April, and being the 5th it was early May . soooo I thought I would give it a try and put at least one out ..

I was sitting some more .. and looked up .. and saw him .. He's HOOOMMMEEEE!!!!!!

That made me super happy .. He didn't stick around long, but he did stop for at least a drink .. :)

Well -- I was getting sore sitting .. ??? so I decided to go out and putze in the front porch... I ended up pretty much cleaning about a 5 foot section .. I still have 2 more 5 foot sections in this garden ... but my back couldn't take anymore .. even though I was proud of how much I did do .. :) the rest will come .. lol

Unfortunately after I finished, and I sat down .. rigamortis set in ..

I wasn't hungry so I had an ice cream sundae for dinner lol .. (nobody was home, so nobody knows it happened (and it was still the weekend) )

I was really bored with watching TV, but had little energy to do much else .. so I decided to get up and play a bit of Wii Bowling ... It's confusing playing bowling .. with lefty and righty Sally .. in the same game .. thankfully they look different, so I could figure out who was up .. switching hands .. lol lol .. Hey -- I didn't feel like talking to anyone, so I had to make my own friends .. lol lol ..

Afterward .. I took a couple of Aleve, and sprayed down my back with biofreeze, and sat .. My antsyness was hurting from the afternoon .. and thankfully it worked .. because at 7:00 tee time, I got up and had a game with righty Sally and lefty Sally .. and it wasn't quite as confusing, but it felt weird swinging the golf clubs left handed .. however after about the 3rd hole .. I figured it out .. and the scores were lefty Sally +1, and righty Sally -2 ... See ..when you're ambidexious (sp?) you can really find ways to entertain yourself .. lol lol ..

I'm happy to say that I slept okay last night and closed out my day at 12000 plus steps .. so I didn't totally sit on my dufus .. lol .. and I'm happy to say that my back actually feels pretty good so far this morning .. :)

I woke up through the night, but I feel like I had a pretty good night sleep being the first night he's gone .. :)

Today -- today, is meeting my friend, Julie, for a late lunch at Chili's ... quesidea explosion salad .. :) and then stopping at mom's .. to see her new walkin tub, and to drop off her perscription that I'm picking up this morning on the way too lunch, and then I'm also dropping off my "shoes" at Goodwill ..

So -- it will be a busy day for me today .. just running around .. :) I was going to get my nails done this morning .. but may just push that till tomorrow .. we'll see .. :)

As you can see .. it will be a comfortably busy day today .. I can honestly say .. once I really looked at my schedule .. yes .. it's busier than I wanted .. but not as chaotic as I was anticipating .. :) I'm happy for that ... :)

Hope everyone has a great day !!! I'm going to !!!! :) I think today will be a bit more "normal" .. :) Have a MEGAMAGNIFICIENT MONDAY !!!!!

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    wow you did good and got lots of active events going with hubby gone
    yesterdy waas the ball game lots of walking listen to my daughter talk my ear and stay alert
    today chain saw day and weeding day
    perfect weather for a change rain tomorrow and wed and thurs
    cant mow he is spraying the weeds with our pull behind mower
    did 3 loads of laundry and ran the vaccum been several days. dusted a fr]ew shelves
    trying to decide on a yard or 2 yards of much to fill in where the weeping willow is falling apart and and showing its roots

    14 days ago
    I was just thinking we need to make hummer food for their feede. Glad they are back. They always bring so much joy seeing them. Have another great day
    15 days ago
    OHhhhhhhhh yeah, going to enjoy my steak and mushrooms tonight! Love portabellas.

    Ah, the Gleesome 3-some are smarties – raiding the hamper for Daddy’s t-shirt! They’re right . . .not the same as Daddy, but it’ll hole ‘em till he gets back.

    Wow! Your Hummer is back! LOVE the picture.

    I know . . . the rigor definitely sets in after outdoor work.

    Hope the Biofreeze and Aleve helped your back.

    LOVE ambidexterous Sally bowling! Hope the right one won! LOL

    Hope you have a good lunch @ Chili’s and a good time w/your Mom. Hope her walk-in tub is awesome.

    15 days ago
    15 days ago
  • CYNTHIAF1976
    Recharged and Motivated
    15 days ago
    15 days ago
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