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STUPENDOUSNESS SATURDAY !!! A wonderful day yesterday, but exhausted when I got home!?

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks


Oh My ... I was exhausted last night when I got home .. but I had a wonderful day ..

I wore my "fueled by caffiene and chaos" tshirt, and that started alot of giggles and conversations ...

Along with the common interests within everyone .. most everyone was fun to talk to .. As with everything .. you always get the grumps .. but the day was everything that I had looked forward to .. I did learn a few things . .I enjoyed my classes .. and just did the "basics" in the classes so really didn't need all the extra stuff that I hauled along .. lol .. I can assemble them here at home .. because 2 of my 3 classes were big, and the poor lady (same in both) had enough just to explain what was going on .. lol She at least had 2 assistants .. :)

The 3rd one was working with laminators, and thankfully that wasn't a big class, but the instructor was awesome .. he explained things to those of us that didn't take the preliminary class as to how to insert the work while the others started working .. but the good news is that I don't need a laminator, or those who have laminators; can use them .. but the lady that was helping with the class, I REALLY liked her .. she had a sweet service dog with her .. said that she just used a towel, parchment paper, and her iron .. so I may just start out with that first .. see how much I use the technique ..:)

The first class I had was watercolor backgrounds .. Watercolor is a type of coloring that I have always been uncomfortable with .. but I got to play .. and boy did I play .. there was blue in my eyebrows, and my hands were definately "craft ready" .. lol lol .. I laughed at myself when I went to the restroom to wash up after class .. lol .. but thankfully (especially the blue on my face as that was early in the day .. lol) The good news is this was alot of splotching so you really couldn't mess up .. lol lol lol ...

I went downstairs as I had about 45 minutes before my next class .. and stood in line for lunch .. They were sooooooo sloooowwwwww I had plenty of time to study the menu ..I thought .. a brat and small soda .. that would suffice until I got home .. (for $13.00) but that's okay .. moved pretty much 3 people (and I was 15th in line when I first got in ... hey .. one HAD to entertain oneself .. lol) and I looked at my watch .. I had 10 minutes to get up to my class .. there were still 10 people in front of me .. my back was screaming standing there .. soooo I decided to change my plans .. and went to the little "nut" stand just next to the concessions .. and bought myself a bag of honey almonds .. and ran upstairs .. Funny thing .. the ladies that were behind me complaining about the service .. followed me over to the nut stand ... (should have asked for commission .. lol)

I ran up to my next class .. this was still watercolor .. but more precise .. :) OH OH ... The instructor kept saying "stand up so you can line up the stamps better" .. ummmm I was having problems standing to begin with .. and the room was so full, that you couldn't stand without fussing with the chairs .. and I didn't need any extra help with my back .. sooo I took my chances and stayed sitting .. and caught the lineup pretty good .. because you painted on the first stamp for the color .. and then you stamped the outline .. and that's where you had to line it up .. :)

After this class, I wandered around for a bit .. Each class offered something .. these 2 classes, offered not only 10% discount each (same booth) but a free set of stamps that were not up for sale .. the first class I got a set of stamps with the wordings .. and the 2nd class, I got a set of sunflower stamps (the sunflower card -- smile) ... I also bought a few things from there because I got pretty much a 19% discount .. (10% and 10% .. really doesn't add up to 20% .. *wink*) but I picked up a few things .. and another "man stamp" .. :) and a few packets of the felt paper ..

I had some time, and headed up stairs to sit in comfortable chairs .. This time I used the elevator up .. I just didn't have the hoospa anymore.. (all my classes were upstairs) ... They had a conference room open, with some comfortable office chairs; so that's where I sat .. it was surrounded by windows, and I just sat there for a bit, looking at my watch .. I still had 1 1/2 hours before my class .. My back was screaming bloody murder .. but I paid for my class, and was going to go .. so I had to fight it out .. I kept telling myself I'm sorry that I didn't bring along some more aspirins ... but I didn't .. *sigh* ..

I got up .. and headed back downstairs .. this was 3:00ish .. and I had been up and down the steps now 3 times .. well .. minus 1 up that I took the elevator .. and well -- will still have to go up and down one more time .. I was getting pooped .. lol lol ..

I wandered around the show and bought a few other things that were on sale, or bogo or buy 3 and get the 4th free .. I really didn't go to buy .. but these were things that I didn't have .. and the crowd had thinned out .. :) There were no lines for the concession stand .. and had to keep telling myself .. "you already texted hubby that you wanted a bigger dinner" .. as this was like 3:30ish .. :) so I munched on a few more almonds .. and actually that was enough to settle the growling in my belly .. :)

I headed back upstairs .. (now the 4th time ... lol) and went UP the stairs again .. and found a chair in the back of the room, and the aisle seat .. and made it through the class .. the instructor for this class was AWESOME !!!! and you use laminators for using the transfers ... so I thought .. Oh poop .. not ready for another machine .. lol .. however they said that you could use ANY laminator .. some you just may have to run through 2 times, and of course the transfer glitter .. but then his assistant (which I had met down in the booth earlier) said that before she got a laminator she used parchment paper, a light towel and her iron .. on cotton setting .. so she just won my heart .. and I got a free $15 from their booth for taking the class .. :)

After I got my 'free stuff' and my purchase ... I was pretty much done .. and headed for the car .. While I was getting my jacket out of my sachel, a lady sat down at the table I was at .. and looked as exhausted as I felt .. lol ... we talked for a bit, and I went on my way .. and she met up with her friends .. :)

I got to the car, and the car seat felt sooooo comfortable; my back went "ahhhhhhhh" ... and after a couple of emails, and texts to hubby that I was on my way .. I headed out .. and took my back roads home .. I was sooo happy to be home .. :) but had such a wonderful day .. with the exception of my back and a couple of headaches along the way .. I was in a happy place, and enjoyed myself .. :)

I got home and hubby had a 'za ready for me; and picked up some glazer donuts from KwikTrip; and I could just sit and enjoy the dinner that he had made .. :) He even added onions to the pizza lol .. :)

I sprayed myself down with Biofreeze when I got home, and changed into my comfies .. By the time we started golf, my back was feeling better, and we actually had a good game .. Hubby was par all the way, and I had +1 or 2 .. ?? anyway .. it was a good game for me .. lol lol .. and my back was feeling better ...

I ended my day with 14,184 steps .. and was proud of myself with the obsticals I had in my way ..

I slept good last night, but nothing to write home about .. I still got up throughout the night .. :( it's been awhile since I've had a full night sleep .. but none the less .. I did get some sleep .. :)

Today --

Today we checked happy hubby into his flight .. and he spent the afternoon with mom yesterday .. so he'll be home today .. He offered to take me to lunch at Red Robin .. for his "going away" lunch .. tomorrow I become a bachlorette for 10 days .... I know I'll miss him and my time again, has filled in too much .. *sigh* so before I know it he will be home again .. :)

So .. with that being said .. I wish everyone a WONDERFUL STUPENDOUSNESS SATURDAY !!! Whatever happens .. will happen, so may as well enjoy the ride !!!! :)
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