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just sayin’ … leaving on a jet plane

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

… don’t know when I’ll be back again. Well, not really … we are driving away in our car in the snow to get on a ship and sail off in the sunshine to the Caribbean.

Yep … Wednesday is the big day that we start our month-long vacation … first our cruise and then seeing fun stuff and ending up at DS#1’s in Texas.

Hubby … hubby is doing great. There was about a week that my radar was up and I had concerns. We had changed his melatonin to a brand that was bi-layered to help him go to sleep faster and stay asleep. Didn’t work for him. This was also around the time that we found out that the CPAP “specialist” had not given him the correct size mask 5 months ago. Geeeze.

We went back to our trusted melatonin and got the right mask. Lesson learned.

His AHI has dropped from 20s to 11s to 7s to 2 and below … with an all-time high of 48. Thank you, Jesus. For those non-CPAP folks … hubby stopped breathing an average of 48 times an hour while “asleep” before using the CPAP. With his TBI … traumatic brain injury … this was well, not good. Manic episodes and psychotic breaks … well, not good. Now he is averaging 2 times an hour and doesn’t have a mangled face.

Hubby has been walking the puppy dogs for some time. I chose to join them this past week and walked 3 times. Everything I own … screamed.

I also have stayed busy with DS#1’s quilt. I put the last basting stitch in it Saturday. When we return in June from our vacation, I will start hand quilting it. Idle hands and all. Yep … it's pink and blue … that's what they wanted. We allllll should get what we want.

I have NOT binged eaten since upping my Armour thyroid. I have lost 14 pounds in the last 5+ weeks … that’s nothing to sneeze at. I wish I was going on our cruise weighing in at 159.5 like I was in 2017 … but, I have learned sooooo much from re-gaining the weight. Yep … lesson learned.

My experiment of one … eating when physically hungry, eat mindfully and s-l-o-w-l-y, stop when I am physically content NOT stuffed full. Leaning towards lean protein to include eggs; no dairy … well, a titch of cheese; low glycemic fruits; nuts and seeds; tons of veggies; and NO wheat, soy or sugar!!!

Keeping emotional eating at bay … that and quietening Elvira my evil twin screaming in my head … I still need to learn these lessons.

I will not be weighing-in for a month … yep, no scale. So hopefully Elvira will stay at home, too. I leave weighing 216 … and promise to come back home weighing LESS.

Bon Voyage

Change your mind … and the rest WILL follow.
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