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FANTISTICIMO FRIDAY !!!! Thinking Thursday ran me into trouble .. Let's no think !!! :) just fun !

Friday, April 26, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks


Yesterday was one of those wierd days .. and I was thankful that hubby offered to take me out and about .. because I had no energy to do anything, and those days are dangerous ..

I DID reset my stepometer ... with hubby's help .. we set up a section on the driveway ... and I walked it .. 8 steps in 15.3 feet .. is what it comes to .. According to what I've read on line .. you should do at least 20 steps ... so I walked down the driveway and then back walking along the "measured area" .... so now I have the stepometer recalibrated ... After looking I saw that it had me set for about 12 inch steps ... now it has me set for 23 inch steps .. and that could be more realistic .. I went through the day ... anxious to see where I would end up .. I STILL ended up with 17788 steps for the day ... ??

I have never really worn the stepometer 24/7 like this .. I've only taken it off when my hands were in water, or the shower or bath .. I used to do 5000 steps when I was at work .. at a desk job.. and walking for lunch .. and took it off when I got home .. Or just wore it during "active times" .. and would pull 3000-5000 with 7000 being a big day .. ?? and took it off when I got home .. This didn't calculate the walking time I did around the house ..

Soooo I believe that my numbers have been pretty accurate when all said and done, and it's been a game to see if I can "feel" the activity .. because I don't have the number screen and would have to download throughout the day; (and THAT anal I'm not .... lol lol ) Hubby can't understand how I can do that .. and I told him that it's fun .. it's almost a game !!! and this way I'm not dependant on a number, but "just living" .. I needed to learn how to adapt my life to come up with my numbers .. and I'm not focused on .. "oh .. I got my 10000 steps I'm done now" .. (which is pretty much hubby's thing .. lol lol ) and plop my butt .. so this thing is pretty much the best tool that I could have gotten.. :)

Soooo I came up with the 17788 steps for the day yesterday .. and I'm starting to think this is more accurate than I thought ... Yes .. other things fit into this number, but with the number sooo high; I can pretty much be comfortable that I'm holding the 10000 goal mark ..

Okay -- See --- I told you I had a pretty quiet day all things considered .. lol lol lol I WARNED you !!! lol

We headed toward the mall .. Mayfair mall this time, and did 2 laps around there .. I tried to tell hubby he could go on his way; because when I walk WITH him either he has to slow down to my speed, or I try and speed up to his speed, and get winded, and push too hard .. but he wanted to walk with me .. *all together now .. OHHHHH howwww sweet !!!! * and while I was there .. I made an appointment for May 1st .. noon to get my hair de-greyed for the summer again .. :) At that time hubby went off on his own, and we met up when I made it to the end of my second lap .. :)

We stopped at Arby's and had one of their new "gyros" .. he had beef, and I had turkey .. and it was YUMMY and filling !!!

We headed for home .. I tried to crochet a couple of squares .. (now I created a pattern for myself, so I know how many squares I need .. *Oeeeeiiiii* .. 35 squares .. lol .. ) but my hand kept falling asleep on me .. *sigh* .. but by the end of the day I DID get 2 done ..

I could see that I was getting nowhere fast, and decided to get my shoes on and take my "outside" walk .. It was warm enough that I could wear my tshirt, with my fleece vest .. The sky was getting greyer .. and it was almost funny .. The sun was just hazy, and without the sun .. my energy depleated .. Yup --- I'm connected to the blue sky and bright sunshine ... lol lol lol ...

I had put on a pair of my older shoes, and that MAY have been my problem, but this walk was a struggle .. a big struggle .. My feet hurt, and my legs felt like lead weights .. ?? I didn't know what was going on ... and my "devil" inside was pushing the issue.. "you know ... you could just cut your walk off short ... just go to the first street instead of the 2nd" .. and then my angel came out .. "No -- you can't backtrack .. just walk slower ... go to Scott .. You can do it" .. and my devil would come back with "You are hurting too bad .. no matter how slow you walk .. you still have to walk all the way back" .. my angel came back with "but at least you can say YOU DID IT with pride" .. (Angel won .. :) )

I got home and opened up the house, I was sweating .. don't know if it was because I was hurting or I was just warm .. lol .. but opened up my front door, and my sitting room window, and my over the sink window .. well -- as I cooled down, and the weather started to change (rain coming in) it got cooler, and I started closing things up .. I was cold ..

I sat and that's pretty much where I stayed .. except playing our golf .. I got 2 more squares finished .. My hand behaved .. WOOHOO !!!!

Today the sun is out, and the sky is blue .. I don't know what the temps are like, but with the threat of "S" coming in tomorrow .. I need to be out and about .. however I don't have a clue as to what trouble I'm going to get into today ..

We discussed a party date and settled on August 3rd .. It's been awhile since I've planned a party, and this will give me time to plan it MY way !!! :) and will give me something to stress over for the summer .. lol lol lol so with the yucky weather coming in tomorrow .. maybe I'll start working on my "save the date" cards .. :)

As for today .. I don't know what is on the agenda .. :) but whatever it is .. you can guarentee that I will enjoy myself .. (hoping to get a couple more squares done if nothing else .. lol )

Have a FANTISTICIMO FRIDAY !!!!! I sure am !!!!! :)
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