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Self-Forgiveness Mantra

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

While I remained AF over the Easter holiday visiting (Day 255 AF today) - I did overindulge in food and finding this shift from binge drinking to binge eating - all coping mechanisms and the trick is to get to the bottom of WHY I do this. Re-listening for a 3rd time to the Little Book of Big Change by Dr. Amy Johnson and also taking an online Emotional Eating Course.

The biggest take aways are that cravings/urges will keep coming if we cave into them. The trick is to delay, distract, stall the urges and as they pass and as we keep getting through it without giving in they eventually lose their power. It's about Free-won't... as we decide to simply not listen to the inner lizard telling us that we deserve or need the food, drink or whatever coping mechanism you tell yourself you need to get through the day or to reward yourself.

I can attest that this is the case for me relative to alcohol - while the cravings for having drinks did come to play in my mind - they passed... but transferred to food. I just now need to look at the urges to eat/binge the same way I did when I cut out booze. While we can't stop eating like we can stop drinking booze - the principles to be healthy remain the same.

Here's to a great week and finishing the month strong and hopefully a bit lighter too. I regained weight with the eating of late - but working it back off again as I forgive myself for being I'mPerfect.

Here's a mantra I think we can all use.
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