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WONDERIFICUS WEDNESDAY!! Getting hard to top the previous days, but giving it an ol' college try !

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks


The day started out gloomy and yucky .. but turned happily to bright blue sky and bright sunshine and temps in the I think 60's .. ?? Light jacket weather .. :)

I started out at Micheals and picked up my supplies for my classes for the 3rd .. :) WOOHOO !!! Okay -- I think I can start getting myself excited .. :) I think I can I think I can .. I haven't driven y'all nuts for awhile with my anxious excitement !!! :)

From there I stopped in at the office and chatted with the girls .. I got a chance to talk with Linda; and she's having alot of problems since I left .. and suggested we go out to lunch .. Now .. I'm in mixed emotions .. I love Linda like a sister, but do I want to go to lunch and have drama thrown at me from every direction ?? so for now.. I'm not pushing that switch .. :) Maybe some day .. but not right now .. Once Kim came back from lunch, I stuck around for about another 1/2 hour, and then headed out .. I wanted to shoot birds, and was heading toward the cemetary to visit daddy ..

I walked around the ENTIRE outside of the cemetary .. and enjoyed it .. and got a few photos .. and just felt the tranquility of the park .. and I walked and I walked ... and found whole different areas that I had never known existed .. :) enjoyed exploring ... :)

I swear daddy picked up and moved again, but never fail .. I found him .. mwaahaaahaaahaa !!!! I found gramma and grampa S* and gramma and grampa K*. Someone just moved in next door to gramma and grampa S .. and their markers were pretty dusty .. I'm almost thinking of taking a broom with me and go back ?? and daddy's was "outdoorsy" .. (just like he enjoyed) but too outdoorsy .. so maybe take a scissors to trim around his welcome mat .. gramma and grampa K were pretty clean .. (or since they were at the end of my adventure .. I really didn't notice .. lol)

I took a drive around the path that I took, and it ended up to be 1.5 miles .. BUT .. that didn't take into account all the over the grass detours I took just wandering .. (I think they would frown on that .. lol lol lol .. :) )

By the time I got back to the car, I was pretty well pooped .. but the sunshine got the better of me .. :) On the way home I stopped at my park, and went to my "lookout" .. My Moocow ducks were sleeeeeeping .. and the redwing blackbirds seemed to be winding down for the day ..

I have learned (or realized) one thing in my adventures .. in shooting birds .. it's VERY dangerous to look up while shooting a bird soaring above .. with your mouth open .. *EEK* .. NOOOOOooo it hasn't happened yet .. but Monday when I was there .. I was shooting at a turkey vulture flying above .. and all of a sudden I heard "PLOP" !!! Well -- that reminded me .. don't shoot birds above, and open your mouth while focusing .. lol lol lol ..

I saw a new critter for my collection ... It was soooo cool .. and about 3 feet long .. and really moved fast for a snake .. I didn't remember snakes being so fast ..... lol lol ..

I got home about 4:30ish .. and had a full day of fresh air .. Hubby had been out with mom during the afternoon, and I told him to text me when he got home, but he didn't .. so I just told him about my day, and he got squeemish when I showed him a picture of my new addition to my collection .. lol lol .. Heck ... I grew up a tomboy and am still a tomboy !!!! lol ..

We had a fun evening. He had picked up a double stuff pizza, and it was truly yummy .. since I really hadn't eaten anything substantial through the day ..

We played our golf at 7:00 tee time !!! :)

We had a visitor last night .. he's been here before and must live around here some where, because he/she was very clean, and very plump .. but he stops in every once in a while .. he's so tame that if we would open our door, he would try and walk in .. lol .. (done that before .. lol but my little dog chased him back out .. lol) but he came and decided to come for a visit ... :)

He was checking out the gopher holes . .lol lol Gopher 1 -- Kitty 0 ...

and then I sat down and crocheted .. yes .. you heard me right .. I picked up a couple skiens of yarn .. and thought I would try and make up a baby blanket for a friend who's going to be a gramma around Christmas to a little girl .. :). I picked up a book of patterns as well .. and tried as I might .. just could not get into the 2nd row of the "square" .. ?? sooo I'm doing it MY way now .. and have a plan .. and it will keep my hands busy rather than sitting bored and playing games on my phone while I watch TV .. I have the yarn now, and well -- it's varigated pink, and well -- have to use it lol .. so happy crochet I go .. :)

I got to bed and don't remember much else than that .. I closed out my stepometer at 14000 plus steps .. :) and I felt good about my day !!!!!

Today -- today is a new day .. I started up some laundry (as I've been doing alot more sweating lately and going through my clothes faster) ... lol .. and don't really know what is in my plans for today .. Hubby is off on his olfarts money; and then to Wii Bowling .. so he's gone until at least noonish .. :) so I don't know what this afternoon has planned .. but for now .. I'm just winging it .. :)

Tonight however, I'm taking a deep breath, taking my camera and going to try again to take pictures of the agility practice at puppy club .. just wrote to my friend to make sure she would be there .. and she will be .. :) so I'm looking forward to that ... :)

I also want to prep up my hummer food, and get the first one out ... so I can get them there and they are aware that it's there early ..

So .. where I'm concerned .. today is a putzy day .. and looking forward to it .. :)

I wish everyone a wonderful WONDERIFICUS WEDNESDAY !!! and we'll talk again !!!! :)

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    I had a wonderful weds
    met 2 ladies at the park in the area they live another was to join us but had plumbing problems
    they are from my team spark dayton we had fun and got to listen to each others mdeical issues
    then hubyy and I and cosmo ran errand lots of places and got gas
    no sun or rain but cold
    Loved your story about cemetary eveytime we try and find my sister I can see her laughing at us becuse we cant find her

    26 days ago
    27 days ago
    27 days ago
    Have a great one!
    27 days ago
    It was a nice day here also!
    Glad you got to enjoy the great outdoors!
    27 days ago
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