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There are no winners in the blame game!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Yesterday was a gorgeous weather day. I went outside early and cleared out my herb planters as I said I would.. Three herbs came back from last year, the garlic chives, the mint and the oregano... The odd thing is the chives and mint were together in the same pot, but that is not where they started last year.. Seems the mint wanted to be somewhere else so it put forth the effort to make the change.

Yesterday I also found out something that made me very angry, and sharing the exact conversation would be a betrayal of trust, but let's just say that people need to take responsibility for their own efforts or lack there of and stop blaming others if they fail. Be like mint, make an effort to expand your boundaries!

I do not know exactly who is to blame so now their actions have directly impacted me on multiple levels. I find myself looking at people with suspicious eyes now wondering, was it you? My level of respect towards them will forever be slightly altered...

Hubby and I were supposed to go to Home Depot to buy herbs but he got stuck at work late and that didn't happen.. I was a little annoyed because I skipped walking with my friends because he failed to inform me of this until it was obvious he was not going to be home at a reasonable hour.. So I hopped on the treadmill and ran 2 miles.. which helped a little bit with the frustration that had been hanging on most of the day..

It carried into my workout this morning, I really had to work extra hard to shake the frustration and disappointment I was carrying. But at the end of the day, if I allow it to impact how I perform, I am just as guilty as they are but twice as foolish, since I know better.

NO ONE wins the blame game... ever! Your actions impact those around you, your self-serving, better than though attitude can ruin things for others, keep that in mind when you feel like being selfish and arrogant.

Now I've wasted enough time on that nonsense, time to embrace the day.. Going to be another beautiful one before the clouds roll back in. Have a client meeting today, which I'm really looking forward to.. As much as I believe relationships made in the online arena can be fulfilling and real, I enjoy getting out of the office and spending time face to face with people as often as I can. The human touch is good for the soul!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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