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Spring? Well maybe.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

I was very excited to see bright spots of purple and white in the rose garden, crocus are one of my favorite flowers even though they are fleeting. When we lived in Connecticut for a brief time it was in a historic house, huge old gambrel roof, 3 story barn of a house. The lawns were full of interesting trees, flowers and rock walls. On one side was a huge old oak that took all three of us holding hands barely touching to surround. The lawn was very large with a rock wall along the front, every inch was covered with crocus in the spring, what a sight! Up here in Maine the crocus don’t seem to spread as well or as fast but they do survive!

So a few pictures of the survivors!

I don’t think I ever posted a picture of Arya’s lamb, I think we will be buddies forever even if his mother is now allowing him to nurse on his own, he is big and rather comical looking. His wool is kind of creamy colored but those white eye ridges look like eyebrows.

Cricket kittens have their eyes open, looks like the one in front got her mothers grey spot along on side of the face. They look plump and well fed!

Today I slogged around the very wet pastures looking at damage, and trying to secure the central pasture for now, I cast off all the outer pastures that I could from the electric grid. I wanted to be able to feed the cows in the upper pasture with big hay bales, but it will take a lot more work to just get the wires picked up back there, plus the pasture behind it is unalterably tied in to the front pastures electricity and ther was massive damage to wires and insulators. The first job was to try to get the tractor up back, not fun, there was still a huge drift about 4’ tall of snow in the way. I made kind of a mess trying to plow back that heavy wet snow. The road up back was under water in two places so kind of slippery slidey. I did manage to get a bale of hay in place after stinking in about a foot and a half and making about 10 runs at it. After all that I decided it just wouldn’t be possible until I got the fence more secure.

So after unsuccessfully working on the wheelbarrow for several hours I started night chores, I got everyone fed and hayed, and bottles drunk, then brought in the cows. I was very surprised to see snow on a couple backs, snow? Now? Guess I shouldn’t be surprised it is still April after all, and sometimes there is snow in May too. And I left the tractor up back too.
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