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The MRI Results For My Wrist

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Yesterday, I finally had my doctor's appointment to go over the results of the MRI on my wrist. The doctor had 90 patients (Yes, you read that correctly. - 90 patients!) on his schedule yesterday. To me, that seemed very excessive and to be very poor judgment on someone's part. The doctor and a Physician's Assistant came into the examining room together. The PA handed the doctor the radiologist's report and put the MRI slides on the computer. The doctor read the report, the PA gave him my treatment summary so far, they discussed the report and the doctor examined my wrist. They decided on treatment and the doctor left to go to the next patient. Slick - like a practiced ballet. Also devoid of real connection with patient and the doctor. That connection establishes trust. But....I knew in advance (from past visits) that the doctor often lacks in a bedside manner. The PA stayed behind and explained everything to me. He was very thorough and personable.

Okay, now, on to the findings. The tendon connecting the thumb to the wrist needs to be released. The tendon is overly swollen and is pressing on the tendon cover. The result is pain, swelling and lack of movement. On the outside of my wrist, there is an issue with a tendon that needs to be repaired and possibly with some cartilage that is damaged in some way. There are also a bunch of other small issues including 2 small ganglion cysts and a bone bruise and /or micro fractures. Some of the other issues included in the report were quirky and the radiologist suggested several conditions that need to be ruled out. The radiologist also suggested that I need a consultation for carpal tunnel syndrome. Some of the small issues that appeared in the report, point to carpal tunnel.

So, I am scheduled for wrist surgery on May 28th. Until that time, I need to wear my hand/wrist brace and be very careful not to do any further damage. Why the surgery had to be scheduled so far in the future, I don't know. They said it was the first available date. There are 3 medical facilities at which the doctor operates. Perhaps that's the reason. Who knows? Maybe the other 89 patients need surgery too. LOL

The cool thing is that the doctor does this surgery without general anesthesia or a block. The patient is awake during the surgery. The surgery requires less than an hour to do. So, that reduces anesthesia related complications. I sure hope they give the patient lots of numbing medicine and something to calm them down. The idea of being awake is cool but also scary.

I am now in waiting mode. My hand was very sore after all of the poking, pressing and prodding the doctor did yesterday. As long as the crushing pain doesn't return, I can live with the status quo. Actually, I don't have much choice. Five weeks is a long time to sit on this. After the surgery, I will wear some sort of splint until I get my stitches out on June 10th. Depending upon what the doctor finds during the surgery, I should be able to return to exercise several weeks after I get my stitches out. I can't wait for this to be over!
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