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TERRIFICUSNESS TUESDAY !!!! After a Magnificientness Monday .. don't know if I can top that !

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks



Started out with a park walk .. It was a bit more buys than I am used to .. but it was a nice walk none the less .. I did something different, that I learned from my brother and SIL on our walk .. I took a small bag of bird seed along with me .. and planted it here and there .. so the little birds would have a free snack .. :)

It was Red Wing Blackbird day yesterday .. there wasn't much else active .. My MooCow Ducks came up in a train .. Whooo whooo ...

I made sure I used my RIGHT eye to focus .. and you know what .. IT WORKED !!!! I was really impressed with some of the pictures that turned out .. :)

****NOTE TO SELF ... the bumble bees are out .. do not wear bright pink sweatshirts ... lol lol lol ****

I planted some seed on the picnic table .. and then sat and waited .. there were 2 little ones that took the bait .. :)

I took another lap around and saw that my "spots" were still there .. that I put the seed at .. The one on the bridge, was probably because there was alot of bicycle traffic .. so they probably didn't have much chance to come down from the trees in peace .. :)

I got home, and hubby wasn't home yet .. I went upstairs and changed into grubbier clothes, and took my preplanted pumpkins out back to transfer them into the ground .. ***note to self .. pumpkins are NOT don't need to be preplanted***** but they were starting to flower, so .. well .. But I took the square out to the back 40 .. and transplanted them .. If they work .. they work .. if not .. we have tons more pumpkin seeds to put in .. :)

I did have to use a bit of ingenuity however .. I had a bit of a problem in the back 40 .. Hubby was home, so I didn't take my phone out with me .. I was on my knees planting the seedlings, and well .. all of a sudden .. I realized .. "I can't get up" .. Okay don't panic .. think .... think ... think ...... My shovel was about 4 feet away .. hmmmm I have a little hand hoe that looks pretty sturdy .. and I just need it for balance .. so well .. gave it a try and thankfully it worked .. I would have hated crawling all the way to the house .. lol .. that's a long way away .. lol lol ..

I told hubby about my "challenge" .. and he asked why that happened .. I told him because I don't have "body strength" .. which is what I'm working on .. my belly is a major topheavy center ... and well .. my legs just don't have the strength to "just get up" .. He told me that I should practice around the house, so he could help me, because he's never seen that before .. I told him "because I have furniture to hold onto" .. so now he's aware of one of the things I need to work on .. *sigh* ..

I was standing there sweating bullets, and hubby offered to take me out and about .. I told him that I had to get cleaned up first .. That short little time I got muddy and sweaty .. IT WAS GREAT !!!!! lol lol lol .. So I changed .... and got desweated .. lol .. and came back downstairs .. ready to go .. :)

He offered me that Costco brat and soda .. and then a walk around the store .. (hey ... we dine high class Ever since he offered me the brat and soda last Saturday but forgot his membership card (yup -- taking me to lunch at the "club" .. lol) I have been hungry for a brat and soda .... lol lol ..

After we finished there, we headed over to Target .. he had seen some plates there, that may just work for our everyday plates .. the ones that we use are over 40 years old .. They were here BEFORE SALLY ... and we've used them ever since.. andddddd wellll they are showing their age ... and as long as I gave him the idea to start looking .. he can't complain about what we get .. *wink* ... I have my good stoneware for good occasions .. (which are few and far between but I have them .. ) Pfaltzgraf ... I got them for my wedding, and they've held up well .. :)

So .. we picked up a few plates .. they had to be durable, microwave safe, and being dishwasher safe was a bonus .. :) even though ...

I'm really getting used to handwashing my dishes.. Now that I'm not pressured for time, I am learning it's actually a very soothing job .. :) I daydream out the window, and it's just a quiet time that I can have with me .. :)

I went upstairs that I sorted through my pictures that I took .. some actually were good enough to print out .. I thought .. I was going to start doing that .. I had some little photo albums that mom had given me .. freebees from her donations .. and when I said that ... Hubby came in with a real photo album from his room .. he was happy that he got something out of his room, and I was happy because I got a photo album .. I thought I could make notes .. so I could see improvement as I go along .. so that's my new fun .. :)

We had our golf game at 7:00 tee time, and then hubby went upstairs .. I putzed around .. and crawled up around 9:30ish .. I don't remember much when my head hit the pillow .. I did cash out my stepometer at 19000 plus steps .. again .. don't care if it's right or not, but it's keeping me motivated, and it's almost a game .. without dealing with much more pain .. I'm learning I CAN DO IT !!! AND I CAN MOVE !!! AND I CAN DO ACTIVITY WITHOUT THE FEELING BEHIND ME SAYING "NO YOU CAN'T" .. YES .... I .... CAN !!!!!!!!!

I slept like the dead and never heard hubby leave this morning ... I had the house opened up yesterday; and it felt great !!! even though hubby was walking around in slippers and a fleece sweater .. (that man will be cold in 85 degree weather .. lol) It felt GREAT !!!! :) I told him that he can take his repreive from the humidifier .. after this water is used up .. we can turn it off (okay -- Mother Nature .. I DARE YOU !!! ) (ohoh .. now I did it .. lol)

Don't know what today has to offer .. hubby has the afternoon to spend with mom .. taking her to get Izzy a princess dress for Easter .. ... so she has something when they bring her over .. So .. since it's cloudy out .. I was thinking of taking a ride to Michaels .. I hae a coupon 25% off my entire order .. and that way I can get the rest of the stuff I have to bring for my classes on the 3rd .. ... (yes .. my excitement is quietly increasing ... haven't gotten to the point of driving y'all nuts yet .. lol )

Oooo and I have to send out my SIL birthday card as well .. :) I think her birthday is the 27th ..

So -- I'm pretty much on my own today ... If the weather improves .. I may start weeding the front garden .. We had our first rip roaring thunderstorm last night .. I still had my front door open (not the screens .. because the temps were starting to drop) and I was just listening to the rain fall .. Maybe that's why I fell so sound asleep last night so fast, because the rain was beating on the roof .. :) and that is sooo soothing (unless it gets bad .. *eek* )

So that brings me to the end of today !!! I hope that you have a wonderful day .. and a TERRIFICUSNESS TUESDAY !!!!!
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    Sally: Hope you have a great day! It is cloudy here, too, but the temperature is really nice. Had thunderstorms roll thru last night, but today it is dry . . . for now!

    LOVE the Espresso owl! Yeah, that’s it!

    LOVE the moo cow ducks! Ohhhh, red wing blackbirds are probably very territorial right now. Had some build a nest in our back porch light. When we’d go out the door, they’d swoop down in attack mode!

    Ohhhh, hope you enjoy your new plates!

    Gorgeous card for your SIL! You are so talented!

    And definitely . . . here's to a terrific Tuesday!

    28 days ago
    Lovely walk!
    28 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    28 days ago
    28 days ago
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