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Easter Dinner leftovers for lunch

Monday, April 22, 2019

Just finished lunch. Stuffed Peppers with Bulghur and Spinach. I tried this recipe a few times before I got it right. It needed more cooking time. I don't care for tender-crisp stuffed peppers. Even if it is just the two of us on a holiday, I try to make a special meal. With a small half glass of Malbec red wine. Makes a big difference. We have to treat ourselves like company.

Now, if I can develop this tenacity in my health and weight loss efforts, that would be great. Today I walked around outside the building during my 10 minute morning break at work. I haven't done this in a while. And I made myself forgo the elevator for the stairs back up to my work cubicle.

So it seems that once you feed people carefully prepared food, it's hard to go to frozen meals and pre-prepped easy food. My mother told me when she was ill with cancer 25 years ago that if I ever got married, to NOT SPOIL my husband. I thought that was interesting advice. I slip in an occasional quick meal here and there, though I am back to trying out new recipes and cooking fresh vegetables rather than frozen. I'm not giving up frozen brown rice from Trader Joe, though. Love that stuff.

I did not log my food in over the weekend, but I am back today doing it. I have been tracking and trimming from my food intake, but not seeing a lot of results. Not trimming enough yet, but I am moving on to the next level, which includes a lot of raw veggies to replace things like nuts and nut butter on seed crackers. And working on increasing the water.

This is probably repetitive, but I need to make changes incrementally. I kind of get wigged out and want to eat lots of cookies if I make drastic changes and cut my diet dramatically. I am adding to the changes as I go. I seemed to have lost a pound and a half. Good steps, right direction. Onward...
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