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SERENE SUNDAY! another great day .. finding out so many things about ME !! what a great subject!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks


Another AWESOME day yesterday ... The sun was out, and the sky was blue, and my day was great ... how about you !!!!???

We started out on our squeaky cheese hunt .. One of our furniture chains gives a pound of squeaky cheese on Holy Saturday "straight from the owner's brothers farm" .. (how true that is .. don't know .. don't care ... lol) but you can get a bag of squeaky cheese curds, and we made 3 stops .. I told hubby that "I" enjoy them but can't eat them like candy .. lol .. because .. welllllll ... because .. lol .. and mom wanted a bag .. so one is going to her .. so I didn't want many like in the past, but we still got 6 bags ... 5 for us .. 1 for mom .. (wish mom wanted more .. lol)

On our adventure we ended up at the big mall again .. and I was upset .. I thought for SURE the mall would be crazy nuts .. Weekend, plus day before Easter .. and I was pleasantly surprised .. it was actually empty .. I told hubby that in my day .. mom would shush daddy and us kids out, and daddy would find somewhere to take us .. so she could get her cooking done .. lol lol .. I guess things have changed .. lol ..

But I happily did 2 laps .. one downstairs and one upstairs .. I didn't want to burn out, because he was talking the zoo .. :) and my camera was in the back to the car .. :) but alas .. that never came to be .. *sigh* .. That's okay .. because I was happy with my 2 laps .. :) and well -- I was happy when we headed for home, because traffic was NUTS yesterday .. I think every nut was out on the road ... and aiming for us !!!! lol lol ...

He bought me an ice cream cone while we were at the mall .. 99 cents for 1 scoop .. and it was yummy ..

After we finished our 3rd stop of cheese curds, he offered me a brat at Costco .. which was fine because I really wasn't hungry, but that way I would have something in my belly .. THEY were crazy crowded, and as we were walking up to the store, he was digging for his card, and low and behold .. didn't have it with him .. so that idea was off .. I told him we could stop and pick up a pound of ham and have ham sandwiches for lunch .. and he was good with that ..:) but on the way home, he asked if I wanted a Bubba's Sundae (one of his birthday offers) and I said sure .. let's do that .. so we stopped and he was surprised when I just got a single scoop sundae .. lol .. he said "that's why he ordered a double scoop" .. lol

I told him I'm finally learning .. I get a double scoop sundae, and I walk out with a flippy belly .. and no .. I CAN NOT stop when I've had enough .. we're talking ice cream here lol lol .. Their sundaes are so rich, that it actually upsets my belly .. but still can't stop .. so the easiest thing to do is just get a single scoop .. and that was enough .. *did I hear a thud from you falling over .. yea .. me too .. lol*

After that we went home .. I asked him if he was ready for a sandwich and he said no .. he was kinda full .. (yea .. TOLD YOU !!! lol ) so we waited .. and we just rested ..

He decided to head out to get the car washed, and asked if I wanted to come with .. I declined, and stayed home .. I had plans to get my outside walk .. even if it was short .. lol .. so as he was leaving I put my pants back on (changed to shorts when we got home I was soooo warm .. ) and put on my tennies, and jacket, and headed out .. I just took my short walk again .. but came to alot of realizations even during that short time .. lol ..

1-I remembered the name of a restaurant we were trying to think about about 3 weeks ago, when I stopped at the office ... lol ... Just popped into my head !!! lol ..

2-I have a plan for my "next step" of my walk .. which will be done this week .. but I have now have a mark for the next step of my walking .. :) My new shoes are feeling great ... my feet are feeling good, but there's a twinge in my upper thigh, and I'm sure it's just from the muscles going "WHAT THE?????" ... as they have been docile for awhile .. :) so I'm working my way back up to the "around the subdivision" (5K .. 3 miles) .. :) I used to do that almost daily .. I can do it again .. but I also know that as soon as I push myself and start to hurt .. it's all over .. sooo I'm taking it easy and will work my way up to it !!! :) I don't have to worry about time now .. I don't have work, and have to do it "when I can" .. syndrome .. :) I have more time !!!!! So -- I have my mark for my next step of my walk .. :) and by the end of the week I should be up to the next stop sign (about 8 city blocks) .. :)

3-I noticed that my right eye is sharper than my left eye .. (see .. I told you I find the results to "if penguins have knees" questions while I'm on my walks .. I used to solve the problems of the world .. and the harder the day at work, the longer my walks would be .. lol) But I've been having problems with my focusing with my camera .. and have been studying at better focus .. Well -- there are some obvious .. shaking .. and when you zoom in, the shaking is more prevalent, but there's been times where I've had the lens resting on something, and focused in to where I thought it was perfect .. only to find that it was still fuzzy .. I learned while I was walking, that my right eye is more clear than my left eye (the eye that I normally use)

Soooo -- when I got home, I went out in the back 40, with my camera .. and I had a very cooperative robin .. I went into the deep back 40 .. (found another path) and a few other cooperative little birds .. but I had fun with my camera .. and did some tests .. :)

With my normal eye .. (left)

With my other eye .. (right)

I also had a very cooperative robin .. :) He left me practice and practice ..:)

I came in the house and found the gleesome threesome .. searching for eggs, that weren't hidden yet .. (this is their first real Easter, and they are still learning the routine .. for 40 plus years, hubby hides plastic eggs, and I find them .. it's tradition .. well .. the gleesome threesome had heard us talking about it .. but didn't realize you have to hide the eggs first, before you search for them... They were too new last year to understand so this year they will learn .. :)

They will help me search this morning .. :)

I closed my day with over 19000 steps .. Whether or not this is an accurate number, I don't care .. it's keeping me motivated .. that I CAN move and I CAN do it and I DO feel better when I have active days, and during my shower this morning, I actually realized that I COULD bend down and shave in the shower.. this may not be a big thing to some; but for me .. it is HUGE !!!!!!

Other than that I AM GOING BY MOM'S TODAY !!!!!! and nothing is going to stop me !!!!! :)

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter Sunday !!!! Don't know what else today has in store for me .. but whatever I do .. I'm going to enjoy myself THOROUGHLY !!!!
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    29 days ago
    you are one busy woman.yesterday horrid snow flurries,cold so cold nothing kept me warm electric blanket did not work friday night sooperated on it with cosmo and it is now working thank goodness
    we met our daughter at church quite a crowd and enjoyed the choir, didnt eat out even though we have a 25 gift card to steak and shake most i our are closed?????
    so left over chicken added carrots and potatoes
    quiet made a list for menards trying to cut budgetso we will see the most expesive thing on list 50 pounds of grass seed
    weare under water prone flood areaso not happy
    happy easter hugs to the critters hubby and you mom
    30 days ago
    Glad you got the squeaky cheese and shared it w/your Mom!

    Yes, Costco was very crowded yesterday.

    OH yes, there is such a thing as a dominant eye. My right eye is stronger than my left.

    LOVE your pictures.

    The Gleesome Threesome are ready for action!!!!! They’ll have a great time searching for eggs.

    Good job on the 19K steps.

    Have a good time @ your Mom’s!

    Hugs, blessings. Happy Easter!

    30 days ago
    Happy Easter Sally!
    30 days ago
    A step is a step. Whether they are counted or not
    30 days ago
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