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Happy Easter

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Yesterday started off with another fantastic workout then home to coffee and a leek, bacon and feta cheese omelette. Our #cko is next door to a Perkins so some mornings the smell of bacon in the parking lot is overwhelming. Thank Goodness for Center Cut 2 slice 2 SP options...

A few weeks ago I was told to hold the date for a party. When I asked what can I make? .. the reply was French pastries.. sooo I decided Easter Sunday was a great time to try out a recipe for chocolate croissants.. I spent yesterday afternoon prepping the dough.. then headed to shoprite to pick up a few things, went bowling (one game, only since the Easter Vigil and practice conflicted). I would have skipped bowling but it was the last night.

Got to practice but there was an issue with the basement so we had stay in the church which meant a whisper a cappella run through of a few songs.. which meant that some of the less familiar music had some people concerned about the end results..this seems to happen often, but at that point, the Spirit just takes over.. and He hasn't let us down yet.

Midway in the service a short while before one of the songs we had just learned, a contemporary number, not from the hymnals, the choir director came over to me and whispered I need you to stand behind the sopranos and let it rip on this song..

When you're in choir it is very important to find the right blend of tone and volume. I have a strong voice and years of vocal lessons have helped to control it. I also have to "control" my motion/emotion. My musical style is more Baptist than Catholic.. but for this number I could be me and let me tell you it felt so amazing.. to be able to put my whole self into singing and really let it wash over me.. My soul was awakened and the joy of the Risen Lord was resonating deep within my soul.

The whole mass was amazing, the choir was outstanding all 3 days. Afterwards there was cake, cookies, coffee and tea, but I did not partake.. Instead I went straight home.. If I am going to have a treat, it is going to be my chocolate croissant today on Easter Sunday.

I hope today brings you all great joy. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, I hope your spirit is awakened, that you feel the hope and the love that are being sent out into the universe to rest gently on your shoulder.

Happy Easter! He is Risen! Alleluia!

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