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STUPENDOUSNESS SATURDAY !!! Let's see if I can top Friday !!!! WOOHOO !!!!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks


WHAT a WONDERFUL day yesterday .. Yup -- I have really come to the conclusion that the weather has to do with my energy levels, as yesterday the sun was out and the sky was blue, and even though the wind was sharp .. my energy levels were back up to the Sally levels .. lol lol ..

We started out with hubby suggesting we go to the big mall on the south side .. Southridge .. That's the one that I had my blowout last Saturday .. I've been babying my foot the whole week, and felt I was ready to take it on again .. I think I know what happened .. (I am NOT putting blame on any product .. it was MY fault that I pushed myself)

I have a pair of Sketchers, which I love the brand .. but I don't think they are really for walking .. ?? maybe running, but I can't test that .. *doh* ...

They have the pillow soles .. and while they are VERY comfortable for "sauntering" .. I think that was my problem because the pillow is not squished enough for support and my feet seemed to be "floating" in my shoes .. and I honestly think that was my problem .. but for sauntering walking .. they are very comfortable .. :)

So I wore my hearty pair of walking shoes yesterday, and ended up doing 4 laps !!! 2 full laps (including arms and legs of the mall), and 2 short laps (cutting off the arms and legs) .. but 4 laps .. :) WOOHOO !!! and felt good .. legs were tired, but felt good!!!! :)

On the way there, hubby took me to the Sketcher outlet store that he saw the last time we were there when we met up for lunch for his birthday ... But we had talked that I like the Sketcher brand, and I had told him that I really love the multi colored shoes .. and was jealous because mom had a pair .. He took me there on the way to the mall, and I got myself a pair of good solid walking shoes .. that feel like a pair of slippers, but have a solid memory foam sole. They weren't the ones that I wanted, but I still got "multi colored" ... somewhat .. the ones I wanted ummm didn't fit my dumb feet .. *sad face*..

He asked me if I was going to put them on for our walk .. I told him no .. I had my solid shoes on for my walk .. unlike him, I have to break in a pair of shoes around the house .. where I can switch them out if they start to hurt ..

We stopped at the Piggly ... (grocery) for their fish fry .. and they had the option of BAKED cod .. or fried .. I chose baked for mine .. Cod is one of my favorite fish and love it baked .. It came with potato wedge fries, coleslaw and a bun, and was a wonderful treat .. I told him during general conversation, that I was eating too much again .. we haven't really had a meal home in a long time .. and eating restaurant food was very dangerous on a regular basis .. I try and eat 1 main meal during the day; and then graze the rest of the day .. and that wasn't happening again .. (every once in a while I have to re-rein myself back in .. nobody's fault but my own) .. and while he's been trying to get all of his birthday meals in .. well .. it's meant more eating on my side as well ..

So -- that was my big meal yesterday, and it was early in the day (lunch is my preferred big meal) .... and I thought it was a good choice ..

After my lunch, I rested and watched TV for a bit .. and finally told myself .. "the sun is out, and you want to do a test run on your shoes .. go for it .. get some fresh air .. The mall was nice ... but it didn't solve your fresh air want" .. Sooo I relaced my new shoes, and put them on .. OH MY GOODNESS .. SLIPPERS !!!!! and walked around the house .. I told hubby I was taking a short walk just about 4 country blocks ... and they felt WONDERFUL !!!!! and the fresh air, while it started out sharp, once my walk started .. it was warmer .. :) I felt GREAT !!!! I had all to do to talk myself OUT of going further .. Not yet .. and I was thankful that I did .. I walked at the mall; and by the time I got home .. I told hubby my shoes got an A+ ... My feet got an A+ ... and my legs got a B+ ... (they were tired !!!!) So it was difficult to talk myself out of pushing myself ..

BUT ... When I got home .. I went out back to the back 40 .. and took my camera with me .. :) I had a very cooperative little chippy .. :) and he behaved himself .. and finally moved on, actually I was quite close .. :) He didn't like the click click click of the camera .. lol lol ..

I walked in the back 40, and "chased" a crow .. and caught a red wing blackbird in song... and found that the pussywillows were springing up .. :)

I got in the house, and my feet felt GREAT !!! I am so excited with these shoes .. :) I may have found my new favorite walking shoes .. :)

The rest of the night was quiet .. I was excited to download my stepping for the day .. but for now .. we had our 7:00 tee time for our Wii Golf .. :) Poor hubby had a baaaaad night .. and I actually for really won !!!!! :)

I crawled up into bed and did my download .. and was excited for my download .. I really worked for my steps for real yesterday !!! and I wasn't disappointed .. lol ..

With that came a solid night sleep and my scale behaving this morning .. I think yesterday was about as picture perfect as a Sally life could be .. :)

I also texted my puppy club friend .. Julie, and asked if she was going to be there on Wednesday again .. I wanted to try again .. Last Wednesday; if you remember .. I had a mega panic attack/sad tsunami roll over me .. and didn't stick around .. I am not the type of person that will say die .. I HAVE to put myself back into the situation and work through it (many years of therapy has taught me this) ... it's a feeling of success to look my demons in the eye and stare them down .. MOST times I win .. this will be one of those times !!!! :) So she texted back that she would be there, and would be happy for me to come and play with my camera .. :) so that will be my Wednesday night .. :) I CAN DO THIS !!!!!

That brings me to today .. Today the sun is out and the sky is blue .. We have hubby's ice cream sundae coupon, and we're going to make a couple stops at the local furniture stores .. they are giving away bags of squeaky cheese .. I told hubby I wanted a bag (or 2) to snack on .. (can't do much but enjoy them), and he told mom about it and she wanted a bag ... so .. that's our adventure for today .. :)

I think I may see a farther neighborhood walk in my future today .. :) They are saying the wind shouldn't be as cutting .. :) and I have shoes that will work !!! WALK WALK WALK !!!!! :)

Wishing you a wonderful day .. and beautiful Holy Saturday .. whatever you do .. do it your BEST !!!!!!!
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    Glad your shoes are comfortable! Yes! I’m in your camp . . . have to break shoes in. glad you had a nice walk and they were comfy!

    Love baked cod. Mild fish that can be seasoned any way you like.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! The pussy willows are one of my favorite signs of spring.

    YES for going back to puppy club. Good job.

    31 days ago
    The weather effects me also!
    31 days ago
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