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Heat, getting to be that time of year here...

Friday, April 19, 2019

Its almost 90 degrees today, I just came back from the store. (Fair disclosure I live in a desert, Las Vegas!) I needed to go to the store, I usually go by myself because I know where everything is so I can get in and out, I'm not going for a Sunday stroll in there.

In the store, I needed to grab a few things to complete the weekends meals and into next week. Cilantro, Tomatoes, Apples, Limes, Strawberries, Red & Yellow Peppers, Crackers, Chicken, Salmon, and Shrimp. I usually have sugar free tea packets I mix into a huge pitcher...but a few times a week I have Lipton Peach Iced Teas with my lunch, so I get some 20oz bottles.

My Mom gave me her list. She has gone to 3 different stores over the span of a week and you would think she had it all down LoL. So she needed some small sodas (8 oz cans) they were on sale so I bought a ton of Sprite, A&W Root Beer, Dr. Pepper etc. I bought a few ice cream since for the next week we are in the 80's-90's, which is usual this time of the year. Also, she decided she needed 3 bean salad and orange juice, ground Angus Beef for Hamburgers, Yoghurt and Lemon Sherbet. I am done finally.

I am not going to the store again for at least 2 weeks now. Next Wednesday I am doing my hair, since its the 6 week mark and Costco is there and I can get a few things in there I need like TP, BeVita Breakfast cookies, tea bottles and we don't buy water from the store anymore because we have a water machine, you know like Sparkletts. Next week is when they pick up the empty bottles and deliver water, we need more than they are giving us so we need to increase. My brother, Paolo and the young lady use a fair amount. I'm thinking double LoL.

So today we are having fish, fries and salad for dinner. I may just do chicken salad and fish. It's too hot to eat fries, chicken and heavy food for me. My Mom and everyone else can do it, not me. My digestive system doesn't like it. Tomorrow, Meatball sandwiches and salad. Sunday is ham, rice and beans, salad, ice cream, cake for Easter Dinner round 4pm.

Its blazing hot all next week so I am thinking crock pot meals, I am not turning on the oven if I can help it.

Just ate dinner, threw everything into the dishwasher pretty much. I am about to watch Jeopardy as James H, from Las Vegas is getting close to a million. His career choice is a professional gambler. I don't think I'd have the stomach for that. He's young and about to make a lot money on Jeopardy here unless something strange happens.

I had perch, fries, half an apple and a bit of salad for dinner tonight! I had issues this last week so I am eating fruits and vegetables mostly. Make sure the digestive system works properly. I have always had a lot of tea and water, but that alone isn't enough, gotta get in grains, fruits and vegetables also!

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