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Challenge Accepted

Friday, April 19, 2019

So my car is in the shop for the day and it's simple gorgeous out. emoticon Today is supposed to be my rest day but knowing I need to get my steps done, I decided to take on a personal challenge. The local DQ shop is 2 miles one-way from my house; I didn't want the ice cream emoticon but I've always wondered if I could walk it.

It's funny what our minds think we can't do. I know I can walk over an hour in an outing; it's been awhile but I've done it. I know I can walk 4 miles; on the treadmill at least. emoticon But for some reason, my brain always looked at the straight, albeit hilly, road from my house to DQ as insurmountable. Could I really make it?

When I left the house I had not intention of actually doing it. I truly thought I was just going to walk up to the city park and back. But when I got to the park and look up the road that little voice in my head started. You know what they say about telling a woman she CAN'T do something. At that point, I decided, challenge accepted.

I'll admit I have this bad habit of looking down when I walk but I think it's so I don't give the little voice visual confirmation of how far I have to go. I just kept walking. I didn't strive for speed, this was a test of endurance more than anything. I just kept my head down and my feet moving.

Making the trip there wasn't too bad. I kept my pace steady because I really wanted to make it. The hills going there are more up than down so I knew my time was going to be slow-ish but I was pleased that I made it all the way there in 38 minutes. emoticon Of course, this was only part one of the to make it home.

About halfway back, ironically right around the city park again, that voice started. It kept saying to just sit down. I made it there so I already earned my 'bragging' rights but a girl like me should take a breath. Sit and look at the ducks. emoticon Wait for my spawn to drive by on his way from work. My brain was like "oh, heck no" (ok maybe a little stronger language but you get the idea), unfortunately my body was agreeing with the voice and screaming for me to take a break.

I knew this was the true challenge. I had to be at the hour mark; my breaking point. I've barely made it past 60 minutes on the treadmill. You know that wonderful machine that you can give everything you have and then sit down when you have reached your limit. Well walking outside....there is no option but to keep moving until you make it back home.

I tapped into my mental arsenal and tried to bribe my body to continue. I promised a giant, cold glass of water emoticon if we could just make it to my kitchen. Kicking back on my lush sofa with a snack emoticon (nothing bad...just something to nibble). And most importantly, if we could get through this last mile I wouldn't have to take another step for the rest of the day (that's a lie but my legs didn't know that).

In the end, I did it. 4 miles. DQ and back in 1:13:25. No stops, no breaks, and no quitting. The pic isn't great but if you're really working it never is. emoticon

Next challenge...BEAT THAT TIME!!!

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