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just sayin’ … value failure???

Friday, April 19, 2019

Thanks to JeanKnee … I read the Spark article The Missing Link: Valuable Failures.


I have been having a hard time quieting my pity party diet mentality voice in my head … known as my evil twin … Elvira. Yes, I am doing tons, tons better now that I have more Armour thyroid in my system. No bingeing. None. Eating clean. Exercise … well, no. Yet I’m not just sitting on the couch all dang day any more.

BUT now Elvira’s voice is in my head … you leave for your vacation in less than two weeks … in shorts and a bathing suit. You are finally getting to go on a cruise … but you are going FAT coz you re-gained sooooooo much weight back. Awwwwwwww.

Coz I got rid of everything ... I mean everything that didn’t fit after losing 100+ pounds … I had to go purchase shorts and a bath suit for our trip. YUCK!!!

So, Elvira started whispering and now is screaming … you gotta lose 50 pounds in less than 2 weeks. Or at least … 25!!!!! Shorts … BATHING SUIT.

Not gonna happen. So, Elvira just shut up already.

Failure is Essential. Failure can have value in learning from your mistakes, making the necessary changes and moving forward … as painful as that might be.

I have learned from my mistakes/failures. Harsh restrictive dieting is not the answer. Honoring my feelings and my body … the slow and steady route … is what works. Striving for progress … NOT perfection. Susan Peirce Thompson Bright Lines says you don’t have to exercise to lose weight … YES, I do. Not torture but gentle moving my body DAILY.

PS … hubby went to the CPAP office Monday, asked for a Medium head frame for his mask thinking that would help with the abrasion to his face. He was given a Large.

I called everyone who has been involved in this process to find out how to get this corrected only to find out that DAY 1 he should have been given a Small head frame … check, that’s what he came home with Day 1.

BUT Day 1 he should have been given a Large mouth piece … due to his full beard and that’s what got his AHI under 1 during the sleep study. Nope!!! We were given a Small and that’s why we have been struggling with his AHI numbers AND his poor face has been mangled.

Five months later!!!! Arrrrrgh.

I had the sleep study center re-fax the original test results and product script to the supplier.

With me calm but assertively telling the supplier hubby’s sleep has been greatly affected by their multiple mistakes and a manic episode with a possible psychotic break could be in our near future because of them … I wanted all CORRECT product available to be picked up at NO cost to us … NOW.

Hubby made another 2-hour round trip visit to the supplier … never heard the words … “We are sooooooo sorry they have made multiple mistakes” … and came home with what we should have gotten 5 MONTHS ago. Oh, and they threw in the cushion sleeves for the mask I asked about DAY 1 that they said wouldn’t help with hubby’s mangled face.

Failure is NOT Essential for success. You can do the best thing … right thing … first.

Just … Change your mind … and the rest WILL follow.
OR follow the dang … directions.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    180 days ago
    So sorry about all those CPAP mistakes . . . great that you are able to be calmly assertive about what your DH needs (I might lose it . . . !! And it wouldn't be effective . . . !!!)

    And it's okay to clothe your body as it is right here and right now COMFORTABLY for your cruise: enough shorts etc. in the right size to see your through (not forgetting pretty undies which are so uplifting literally!!)
    183 days ago
    It is great you noticed the Evil Twin Sister whispering unhelpful thoughts, and told he to shut up.
    Take good care of yourself and enjoy your trip and beach time!
    183 days ago
    Oh, my goodness.
    Life sure can get hard at times.
    You have been through so much.
    Please forgive yourself and let go of any mistakes you may have made and honor your body by giving her what she needs to be calm and happy.
    Get just enough new clothes to feel decent...who cares what strangers on a boat think?
    And enjoy that cruise!
    183 days ago
    Tell Elvira to shut up! Go on your cruise and enjoy it. You deserve it no matter if you weigh 250 or 150. You have worked hard. You are still much healthier and happier than you were. Go for it girl. So glad you got your hubby's Mask issues fixed. He will be much happier and happier. Hugs and have fun.
    183 days ago
    Oh my goodness. Taht's terrible service re: DH's CPAP and supplies. Glad it's fixed finally!
    183 days ago
    If I fail at least I tried. I will keep at it and continue the journey.
    183 days ago
    Not a bathing suit of course but sometimes you can find something nice at a thrift shop 'just for this in between time'. Goodyou finally got DH's problem fixed up. If people would only listen.
    183 days ago
    It's always something...
    As far as your "fat" clothes go...
    Get clothes you need for right now. Get 'em as nice as you can to make you look as nice as you are right now. Not for tomorrow, not for next week.
    Make every day the day you look as good as you can.
    You can't change your weight in a day, your aging skin or your hair (ok, you could change your hair color) so embrace who you are right now and anticipate enjoying how your might be in the future.
    You're loved just the way you are!
    183 days ago
    Life sure can get complicated. My hubby had had his Cpap gear issues also. Sigh. Gets so frustrating. Hope you have a marvelous cruise. 👙
    183 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    It took almost 11 months to finally get 'things' right with my C-PAP, now Bi-PAP. Then, I used the same style headgear and face mask for many years; then it got discontinued and the duct-taped, jerry-rigged one has finally bitten the dust. I'm almost back to square one with new insurance and new providers.

    Dealing with medical issues is a trip. My latest way of dealing with screw-ups is to call the company or provider and after finally getting a person on the line calmly repeating that "I am annoyed" until they listen to why and attempt to resolve. Practiced this yesterday for 2 hours with 3 providers.

    Have a great time on your cruise!

    183 days ago
    Glad that these mistakes are being fixed and that you have finally got the thyroid meds "adjusted". Sometimes it seems like such a struggle! But life is so much better with "the right stuff"!
    183 days ago
    183 days ago
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