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Serene Sunday ... Mother Nature has my plans in her hands .. wish you a good one !!!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks

Serene Sunday .....

Another wonderful day but quiet yesterday .. I'm proud to say that when all was said and done, even with a tennis shoe blowout, I still got in 15578 steps in yesterday .. :) YAY ME !!!!

We started out after a very antsy happy hubby, going to the big shopping mall on the south side .. and I actually did 2 full laps, and then once my goal is set on the upstairs and downstairs laps, doing full .. I cut off the arms and legs, and just do the main mall .. Well -- I did the upstairs and downstairs walks, and then I usually tell hubby that I will wait for him if he wants to do another lap .. I don't want to break into his pattern .. even though once we get there, he goes his way and I go mine .. because he walks through all the big stores, and gets more steps that way ..I stay in the mall .. and when we meet up we meet up .. or if I'm done, I shoot him off a text ..where I'll meet him .. but we met up and he talked me into another lap ... He wanted to do 2 more laps .. so I did another lap .. just cut off the arms and legs of the mall ..

I found at the Starbucks booth in the center court, they had a free water pot, and got myself a glass of water for my walk .. :) and got down to the end where they were having the children's choir singing .. so I figured I would sit and listen to them .. well -- as my luck would have it, the young girl that was singing, and oh my did she have a beautiful voice, but I got there, and sat down, and it was the last couple of lines of the song .. *sigh* .. timing is perfect !!!!!lol lol lol

So -- once I saw that they weren't going to get to the next song after sitting for 5 minutes or so .. I decided to get up and move again ..

I got to the center court, and had a foot blowout .. My foot went *CRACK* and it fell like my arch fell down.. :( .. so I just slowed down my pace a bit more (but kept walking) .. Thats where I found the water at Starbucks ..:) I had seen another lady walking around with a glass, and wondered where she was getting it from, so I kept an eye out for the different venues, and found it !!! :) and by this time it tasted yummy !!! and fresh .. :) I got back to the end of the mall and saw some of those massaging chairs, and decided that's where I would stop .. my foot was really hurting, and it felt good because my feet don't reach the floor when I sit back on these chairs .. so I could let my foot dangle .. :)

I sent a text to hubby to let him know where I was at, and just sat there and people watched, and surfed on my phone .. :) just relaxing .. :) and hubby came by .. He wanted to go around the food court (for hordevours before lunch), but came back pouting, because nobody was handing them out .. :( .. Poor guy looked so dejected .. lol lol ..

We left and went over the Red Robin for lunch .. The service we got was okay but not outstanding, but watching the young gentleman, it may have just been a bad day .. there were mistaken orders, and well -- he could have just been having a bad day, because at least it appeared as if he was trying .. and we weren't in a hurry .. but hubby got his birthday burger, and I just got a tavern burger that we normally get, and fries ... We asked for a refill of fries .. and usually just get 1 basket; but they came back with 2 full baskets .. *urp*

I finished half of mine, and when hubby wasn't looking; I put a handful of my fries in his basket .. lol .. he never realized it until he made mention that "these orders were bigger than the first ones" .. I said "yes.. they were" and grinned .. lol ..

We WERE going to stop for his free ice cream birthday sundae on the way home, but both of us agreed we were too full, and wouldn't enjoy it .. so that offer is still good until next week Monday.. the 22nd .. :)

We got home, and hubby wanted to go do some grocery shopping and I went upstairs to work in my playroom .. I wanted to add an "office" program to my new computer; Apache brand .... free ... but didn't want to do the 145 mb download again .. (when I tried it, it said 30 minutes and I've been very careful about my data this month finding some culprits) and found that I still had the setup program on my "daily" computer .. so thought I would try and copy it and transfer it to my "craft" computer .. and happy to find that it worked !!! WOOHOO !!!!

After that I played with my cards .. and as long as I was testing a few things .. I made up the verses for my cards that I am making .. I have hubby's birthday card from me (4/17).. (we have the one from the gleesome threesome) and a birthday card for mom (5/15 - pictured above) ... which I have finished .. just have to prep or make an envelope for it; I started the basics for a get well card for Toni (anytime soon), and am working on a birthday card for SIL (4/27) and then a mothers day card for mom .. and I think that's it for now I think I'm covered .. lol .. but I have them all prepped, now I just have to get them down in real life .. I started Toni's get well card, and started my SIL birthday card, and DID start hubby's birthday card, but hubby's birthday card turned to mush ... grrrrrr ... so we need to start that one again .. *sigh* Mom's mothers day card will be the end when all is said and done.. :)

Then I'm done with family until the end of August ... for Bill .. now that I know that he's going to "inspect" my cards when he gets them .. after the conversation we had at lunch .... lol lol lol .... so I have to think of something super spectacular for him .. lol lol.. :)

I had fun playing with the glue, and ink and whatever else I could find .. lol lol ..

I came downstairs when I ran out of things to do upstairs, because what I was working on needed to dry .. and I was frustrated that hubby's turned to mush .. so I didn't even try redoing it yet .. even though now I think I know what happened .. and will try it again .. (now that I've had a chance to think about it .. lol)

I called for an early tee time, because I told hubby the bathtub was calling my name .. I wanted a bubble bath last night .. and that's what I did .. We played our golf at 6 and by 7 I was upstairs in a bubble bath .. My friend gave me the neatest present of multiple bath salts, and I got to use one last night .. Eucalyptus .. ahhhhhhh plus Eucalyptus is also good for aches and pains .. and I was aching and paining last night .. lol lol .. I enjoyed my soak, and reading my book.. ahhhhh total relaxation !!!!

Crawled into bed, and while my "sleepometer" said that I woke up 11 times over night, I don't remember doing that .. as far as I was concerned, I got a full 8 hours and 50 minutes sleep .. I was legitamately tired ...

This morning I pretty much have spent from 4:00 until 7 in the rest room, with a bad case of IBS .. ARRRGGGHHH !!!! Starting to feel better now .. but it's going to be a day of within shot of the restrooms ..

but that's okay -- they say another snow storm is on its way in .. so I don't know if I'll be going over to mom's today ..They say it's supposed to start within the hour and be sloppy like last week .. Grrrrrrrrr

IF I don't go by mom's, I will probably spend the afternoon upstairs ... maybe laundry, but playing in my playroom .. I'm kinda having fun in there .. I also, with my playtime have found out that I CAN make some of my own patterns, with my cutter, now that I have all of my pieces working nicely together .. lol lol lol .. my imagination is endless .. :)

With that being said .. no matter how much trouble I get into today .. with whatever I do .. so far my week is pretty quiet .. I'm going to enjoy myself!!! and well -- "try" and stay out of trouble .. :)

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