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Stupendousness Saturday!!!! Ohhh wouldn't have traded yesterday for the WORLD !!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks

Stupendousness Saturday !!!!!


I ended up able to go to the park with my brother and sister in law .. and I had the most wonderful day !!!!! They helped me see critters, which would have gone by the by without their help .. There were a pair of deer in the woods (which are still tree trunks because of being early spring ..) but I would have never have seen them without Bill's help .. they blended in so well ..

I wore my winter jacket, fleece vest, and tshirt, with a beanie hat that hubby gave me; and my half gloves ..(knit to cover the hands but leave the fingers free .. they do have gloves that go under them but I very seldom wear them) ... I ended up taking the gloves off as we moved on .. the weather was chilly, but beautiful if you are dressed right .. :) and it was BEAUTIFUL ... the sun was out, the skies were blue .. and yes .. there were spots that were windy ..

We got to a part of the path, and they were telling me about the woodpecker that they had seen .. the size of a crow, with a red and white head .. According to what they say on line, the wing span is 26-29 inches .. Welll ... I didn't know what I was looking for, but they saw one .. :) It's called a Pileated woodpecker ... (better pictures on line)

Since I've gone out with my camera I'm seeing so many things I've never seen before .. Like I say .. it's not just a walk anymore .. it's an adventure !!!!

We continued around the quarry and it was so pretty there ..

I had to giggle .. they kept asking me which way I wanted to go .. long or short .. I kept telling them .. I'm only tagging along .. whichever way "you" go .. I'm here to follow.. pretty much if I didn't I would probably get lost there were so many paths .. lol lol .. but I was having sooo much fun, I didn't want it to stop .. I probably would have stayed even longer .. I didn't care much about lunch .. lol lol lol ..

I guess after talking to mom later in the afternoon .. Bill was concerned that I wouldn't be able to walk, and mom reassured him that "I was actually a good walker" .. and yea . that's right .. as I'm walking .. my back has started to loosen up, I don't get those shoots down my legs as much anymore .. so yea .. walking is good.. the only thing that gets me, is uphills and downhills, as I'm not that sure on my feet .. and the uphills wind me really fast (which is also improving as time goes on .. Practice makes Perfect ..:) )

The hardest part of the whole day was getting in his truck lol.. but I did it .... 3 times !!!!! WOOHOO MEE !!!!!

The we finally got there .. got to the point of interest .. I was sooo excited I could have jumped out of my skin .. but stayed back shy ... taking pictures of Kathy .. :)

Until Bill told me "it's YOUR bucket list .. you should be up there" .. lol lol .. so I went and Kathy put some seed in my hands .. and I had all to do to play statue ..

I rested my hands on the tree stump, and there was another shoot off in front of me .. where the birds started to land .. My excitement was a peak level, and then they would land on the back side of the tree stump, and all of a sudden a little head would pop up "peek a boo" .. lol lol .. oh my goodness .. I wanted to scream with excitement .. and then they landed on my hands and they took the seed from my hands .. oh my goodness .. I felt like Snow White .. dancing with the birds (without the dancing but I wanted to) ... and then they landed .. they landed in my fingers, and took the seed .. it was only momentary .. the chickadees were skiddish .. they came in and took off after taking the seed .. then the nuthatchers came in .. and I looked at their beaks .. and shuddered ... it looked like a needle and I was expecting a pin prick .. but no... they were sooo gentle .. even more gentle then the chickadees .. but the hits were mega momentarily ..

Something from my bucket list I thought would NEVER happen .. I've seen it on line so often; and have drooled seeing it .. another one is to get hummingbirds to eat from my hand .. I've seen it on line, so it CAN be done .. but it will take some work .. however .. I can happily check off one of my bucket list items .. :)

We stopped for lunch and Bill scolded me .. lol lol .. we ordered the cod fish fry, and it was delicious. It was this quaint little bar .. and was so cool .. the building / bar was over 100 years old .. and well .. looked it .. it was well used .. lol .. The owner started up the fryer for us .. because Kathy wanted fish fry .. I actually wanted the poor mans lobster, but he said it would take longer to warm up the steamer .. (actual fish fry didn't start until 4 and it was only 1) .. so I just had the fish fry, and I had mine with sweet tater fries.. The plate came out, huge platter .. and I ate my coleslaw, and my fish and put a dent in my fries.. but didn't finish them or my slice of bread .. it was DELICIOUS !!!but I was full.. As we left, Bill asked me if the fries were spicy or something .. and I told him no .. they were delicious .. ... he came back with "you didn't eat them all" .. I told him "I was fulllllllll" .. lol lol .. and explained that I thought the lunch spot was perfect .. we were the only customers, and the food was mega yummmmy !!! (I think he was concerned that I didn't like the spot or the food) ... lol lol .. No .. I would go there again .. lol ..

The weather was perfect, because we came out of the bar, and it was cloudy and gloomy ...

I don't know what was more wonderful .. that I got to feed the birds or that Bill and Kathy actually treated me like part of the family, rather then just a tag along .. There has been years of tension between us, and well -- since daddy passed, mom has brought them back ... and even though there's tension between mom and Kathy; she understands that she needs to play nice in order to stay in touch with Bill .. (make sense??) .. but yesterday was the first time in well .... forever that I spent the day with MY BROTHER !!! When I go over .. he comes up from the basement; and chats, but that's about it .. it's time spent with Kathy .. or I've spent time with my brother when he's been over by mom's .. and yesterday was the first day in forever that I have actually spent time with my brother as my brother !!!! and that brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it !!!!! It was perfect in so many ways ..

We got to their house, and Bill disappeared, and brought up a few things he made .. he does beautiful woodwork, and made their kitchen table .. out of a slab of tree .. but I was taken aback .. 2 jewelry boxes .. he wanted to show me what he used the styluses that I got for mom to give him awhile back .. and then another process .. and he said they were for me .. and then he gave me a "ring holder" .. for women that take off their rings for whatever reason; it's harder to lose them if they are in the heart, and harder to fall down the sink ... What an ingenious idea .. He sounds like me .. he saw this somewhere, and worked on making one on his own .. lol lol lol .. Yes .. there ARE similar traits .. both came from daddy .. :)

They don't know it, but I got to really check off 2 bucket list things !!!!! :)

Anyway ....... *inhale .......* FOCUS !!!!!! lol

We got back to their house, and checked out our pictures .. :) and they got some good ones, and I got some good ones .. and when I got home, I worked on checking out my results .. (that's almost as fun as the adventure sometimes .. because I can't really see the screen while I shoot .. )

I sent them my pictures and they sent me theirs .. :)

I pretty much rested the rest of the day until Wii Golf .. I didn't have to do laps around the house .. I didn't know what my step amount was, but it definately was going to be higher than 10000 goal .. lol lol lol Wii golf was a struggle, because the shots were not cooperating, but I still ended up with just a -3 ... 1 bogey, and a couple of birdies .. but mostly pars lol lol .. so I lucked out .. because the ball wasn't cooperating .. lol lol ..

I was exhausted by the time I crawled upstairs.. but happy ... very very happy !!!!! I downloaded my day stepometers, and came to 15371 steps ....(8.18 miles)

Today .. my scale went up .. but that was to be expected .. This always happens when I have a big day of exercise .. so it wasn't a surprise .. I know it will disappear when the stiffness disappears ..

I am surprised however, that I'm not as sore as I thought I would be .. happily surprised ... :)

Hubby asked me what I wanted to do today .. and I made him happy when I said .. when the weather is gorgeous, I would rather be out and about, but I'm game .. so we're heading towards Southridge (the big mall in the area) and get our steps .. indoors, but it will be stepping ..:) and then he wants to use one of his birthday burgers at Red Robin .. so that's where we're heading for lunch .. and he's taking his birthday sundae along for dessert, because it's a weekend and I can have my ice cream .. :)

Life is pretty much PERFECT right now .. and I'm over the last few days of Mother Nature hissy fit ... lol .... I'm going to have another wonderful day !!!! I hope you do as well ... :)
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    I am so happy you had a great time with your brother and sister-in-law.
    37 days ago
    well love your big words describing your day. mine is ok feel better but juggiling checkbook and now we have to buy a new mower.we thought about the auction but those mowers will go high why not buy a news one
    we put mulch down on one flower garden bought 15 bags nee 20 more oh my $$$$$$$\we also ned brcks for where there is no grass and weeds come up$$$$$
    38 days ago
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