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Good Riddance to Ten Pounds!

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Monday, April 08, 2019

Yes! It's true--TEN pounds gone and since March 27th! Good riddance!

Recently my brother and his wife remodeled their home-top to bottom. I am sure it is beautiful, yet they live so far away, I have not been able to see the changes yet.

I got to thinking the other day. Spring time brings on a flood of spring cleaning tips by the experts, and who doesn't like to spruce things up, declutter and add fresh spring touches.

A lot of thoughts hit me when I'm in the shower. For instance, I was thinking how my body is my REAL home. I have moved so many times over the years, that I lost count. I feel I have it 'down' as to streamlining the arduous task of moving.

But--back to my body, my real home. I live here and even if I relocate, I take my body with me. I don't plan to move again or make any big changes. But I can and am making changes to my home--this body where I live and do make some necessary changes and repairs.

Last two or three blogs have been about chronic pain issues, and the autoimmune condition I have. One spark friend commented and said, "I can't believe your Doctor has NOT told you about a low starch diet!! She has two good friends, both with ankylosing spondylitis and they changed their diets to drastically reduce inflammation! So I began to look further and read scores of testimonies on success stories for LCHF eating. (aka Keto) ...There is much to learn as to how starch (breaks down into sugar) adds to pain and inflammation.

Knowing there is no "one size fits all" menu plan (notice I did not choose the word diet, even though what we eat constitutes a diet). Prior to this change, I followed the trail of 'eating in moderation'--exercising consistently--in fact harder and more frequently. I followed the rules. And the pain levels and my weight stayed the same!

I saw no real change that I could embrace. I grew tired and frustrated!
I decided it was time to stop kicking the 'same rock' around and stubbing my toe on it! And so I continued to read and study and began a LCHF plan. (Not diet) … a Plan.

I am not attempting to convert anyone or plug a plan; I simply had to take care of MY house--my body. I deserved that. In no time, I was burning ketones instead of carbs and the weight and inches began to disappear. Now when I work out, I have to take another shower, because of the fat burning---I am wet with sweat! .. Realistically--shedding excess weight is like removing a heavy back pack, and am already seeing some progress there).

I see South Beach diet now has keto friendly recipes and are plugging keto on their advertising. This plan is nothing new; it has been around for decades, and actually began in 1921. I am also happy to see Sparks has keto recipes !

Anyway, what started as a way of reducing inflammation through the elimination of starch and sugars has turned into an efficient fat burning machine--with TEN pounds gone!! Good riddance! … And as a Bonus, my sleep has never been better! (Plus 2" off my waist!)

Thanks for stopping by today friends and have a great week!! emoticon
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