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Taking stock, building habits

Sunday, April 07, 2019

So while I wasn’t connected on Spark, I built the habit of logging in all my food every day. Before I was scattershot with it, not consistent. I think I didn’t want to face how much I was eating. And I eat too much in snacks. I have been switching to more protein based snacks and trimming back gradually.

Another issue is how little exercise I get. I must take time for stretching for my back issues. But I need to do more. I have an app, 8fit, that gives you a daily workout at home. And of course, there’s Spark exercises. I’ve been wanting to use a yoga video dvd series I bought called Yoga For the Rest of Us. Just have to pick one a day and go with it. And I used to walk around the building at work during my 2 ten-minute breaks. But I also like to Spark then. One break for each, I guess.

Managing stress is an issue for me, too. Somehow or other, I ended up being good at my job and a senior member of my department. We are short staffed and I have a large workload. One thing I like about my job (processing science journal manuscript submissions) is the troubleshooting part of it, fixing code on manuscript files that are “broken”. At times when handling corrections on others’ work, I’ve felt like the person who follows after Pigpen on Charlie Brown, with a large broom, frustrated with silly errors. But then I have to tell myself that I’ve been doing the job 3 times as long as some of them. And as far as I know, they weren’t dragged out of first grade to the school psychologist and tested like me, and found to be gifted, like I was. My job now doesn’t permit me to hide this under a rock, as I have for most of my life.

And another thing! I no longer “do not have any time”! I have as much time as I have, and I intend to use it fully and enjoy life more!!!!!
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