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Supermagnificient Saturday !!!! Start your day out with a positive thought, and you'd be amazed!

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks

Welcome Saturday !!!

Yesterday was my last day of social butterfly, and I played the part wonderfully ..

I was NOT disappointed with meeting my friend for lunch .. the ONLY bad thing was it was difficult to hear conversation.. but we managed .. lol lol .. I loved every minute of it !!!

After we parted, I headed back to the car, which was parked a block away ... By that time the sun came out, and the weather was beautiful !!!! I decided .. I had been sitting for about 1 1/2 hours, I would tak a walk through the park .. I didn't have my big camera along, but I enjoyed taking photos with my phone .. :) (can't have a walk anymore by yourself without taking photos lol lol )

It was just a small park, and I didn't venture back too far, because they had the other side of the bridge closed (they weere working on the baseball diamonds .. it's that time of year again .. lol) but I was able to get onto the bridge .. :) (LOVE bridges .. lol) The area is such a pretty area ... and it appeared to be just a neighborhood park, and I wasn't willing to leave yet .. :) so I wandered .. and reminisced .. the last time I was in this park was at Leonard's 50th birthday party .. lol lol ..

I got back to the car.. (couldn't take too long, cuz my leftover food was in there .. lol ) and got in and started to drive ..

I made it to the office, and held my breath and stopped in at the office to see the girls .. I actually had a wonderful time there .. I stayed for about 45 minutes to an hour .. and just chatted .. I brought Kim up to date on my photos .. lol .. and my booboos .. lol .. I found out that she and Jim are going to be grandparents .. they found out on their trip to Spain this last time a few weeks ago ... so that was happy ..

The only thing that was brought up as far as work was concerned, was my "paperwork from my inventory project" .. I told her that everything .. whether I had, was back at my back desk .. " and that's where I left it .. I didn't ask any further questions, and I didn't say anymore .. "My entry sheets are in the box, and look through the drawers, for my "notes" .. not that they will be understandable" ..

Before it went any deeper .. I excused myself, and bugged out .. Oh .. I asked Ben, if my little deer that I "thought" was a boy because of the antler bumps .. was I right ? and he said yup .. (he's a deer hunter)

I finally got home around 3ish .. I changed into my comfies, because I was pretty much done for the day .. and sat down to rest .. I watched TV, and just happily vegged ..

Hubby had bought a pizza at Papa Murphys .. YUMMMM so guess what we had for dinner .. YUMMMMMMM .. He just got the sausage, and last time I doctored it up with onion .. Well -- he found a package of pepperoni in the fridge this time, and the last of the onion .. so we had a loaded pizza .. It was fun creating ... lol .. and it was super yummy !!!! I was getting hungry by the time we got to 5ish ..

After dinner, we had a 7:00 tee time, and played our golf .. I actually felt bad for hubby cuz he was having a trouble day .. but he still did good .. lol .. but I GOT A NEW RECORD !!!!! WOOHOO !!!!!

I sat for a bit longer, and then when my eyeballs got heavy .. headed for upstairs .. and don't remember hubby coming into the room, or when I actually FELL asleep, but I'm happy to say .. I did my download yesterday .. and made my 10000 steps .. (and then some) .. "just being" .. 10437 steps to be exact .. I almost fell out of bed when I saw that .. I didn't push myself .. just walked .. and enjoyed myself !!! Parked a block away, wandering through the park, walking back and forth at the office ... and walking around the house when I got home .. just "doing stuff" .. Didn't have to push myself to get the steps ..

You see .. this is actually a learning curve .. and an experiment .. I have spent years at a desk job, and my doctor always said "get up and move" .. well -- sometimes that's difficult within a small business, where "getting up to talk to others" is a matter of a couple of steps at times ... I always thought "to get 10000 steps was a challenge of pushing myself .. and was happy when I made 5000 for the day .. I enjoy walking (when my feet and body cooperate) .. and am learning, that my "happy wanderings" are tallying up .. and it's not as hard as it used to be to get that 10000 steps ... My challenge now, is not to be "stuck" to the download on my phone .. because my stepometer doesn't have a face .. just a button .. (sally likes buttons .. lol) My game now, is "if I just be .. will I get my 10000 steps" ... The other stepometers I had .. I would sit on my couch in my TV room, and look at it .. feeling "defeated" ... feeling like I had to "push myself" to get up and move .. feeling like it was a punishment, because I didn't have my steps .. feeling defeated .. Now .. it's the game of "okay -- have a fun, and busy day; (yes .. there will be days when my brain and body are "just lazy" but we want the norm) and I don't have the feeling of defeat .. It's a game .. and will I win my game today .. or not .. we won't know until tonight when I "cash in" .. lol lol lol ..

I am also happy to say .. with my dilegence .. My scale is finally starting to shake again .. Of course .. it had to go up .. since my flirting with the 220's .. and I've been flirting with the 240's (but only getting close .. happy to say I hadn't seen it ...just too close for comfort) .. and since I got my Ifit and starting playing my games .. it's been uncomfortably high .. and holding it's own ..

This morning I got on my scale to see myself back dropped 2 pounds from yesterday .. my walking plateau is broken .. WOOHOO !!!!!!!!

Today's plans are with hubby .. he is suggesting walking at the big mall on the south side, and then maybe going to the zoo .. if the weather behaves .. I'll take my camera and a warmer jacket .. (because right now it's froggy emoticon and damp but don't want to wear warm clothes inside at the mall ) If not the zoo .. go to IKEA and walk around there ..I've never been to the IKEA store, but have heard they give maps in order to find your way out .. and that sounds like it would be interesting to see .. So -- our day is going to consist of walking !!!! YAY !!!!

For breakfast I'm starting with my leftovers from yesterday's lunch .. :)

With that being said .. I hope everyone has a smilie day !!!!!!! I'm going to !!!!!!
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    Glad you had such a wonderful time. I did as well.

    Love the park pictures!!!

    Glad you had a good visit w/the gals @ the office. Hurray!!!

    Sounds like we both had a greeeat day!

    Enjoy the day w/Dh! Yes, it was foggy and damp this morning. Now the fog is gone, but still damp-osh!

    Dinner tonight is leftovers from my lunch yesterday! Nummmy.

    43 days ago
    43 days ago
    never been to Ikea My daughter goes when she comes in town from ky
    Her son hates and actuslly if he is moody she makes him go
    they arrive this afternoon the plan nothing the class reunion is at 5 and they are both going.we worked with 2 people that came to look at gym what waste of time
    we might cook out just the two of us tonight.big fire roasted weiners chips and marshmellows???
    tomorrow the baby news which is supposed to be secret but we know brithday party easter and then a gender reveal party at the park.Never been to one of those but first great grandhchild a big deal Hopeing for a girl I have a dress in hope chest that was given to my daughter 41 years ago as a gift but she died before she could wear it.I am going to ask my daughter first but its my wish.
    43 days ago
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