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2019-04-03 feeling good about the changes

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

It has been now 4 months since I've started this new approach to getting healthy.

I had specific objectives :

1- getting rid of all the bad feelings attached to certain food.

Guilt, sense of failure etc. etc. are feelings that came with the no-no food list that I used to have. Having a piece of chocolate was impossible because I would feel guilty, and feel so bad about not following the diet that I would end up having a few bars of it. Now I can have some in moderation because there is no feelings attached to it. Chocolate, sugar, desert, pastries don't have that special place in my life where they would occupy my thoughts more than they should because they were food to avoid. Now that I don't have to avoid them, I don't think so much about them.

2- having at least 2 portions of fruits or vegetable each day

the idea was to fill my stomach with good nutrients so I wouldn't feel hungry all the time.
It is now part of my life. I don't have to force myself. It is now natural for me to have them and more.

3- having some grain in my day.

that one was tough. I have not been able to eat grains (oatmeal, etc) because they were giving me lots of digestive problems. I read something about the traces of herbicide found in grain and how it was affecting our systems. So after avoiding grains for a while I bought some organic cereal grains. I am happy to report that I can actually digest it without any issue!

4- Walk as much as I could (improve the distances each month)

I have 2 measures that I take each day. one is the total steps in a day. Trying to improve or maintain my total steps a week. The second is to measure the distance in km I walk. Those have to be distances I could do without walking. For example, walking from my home to the bus station 3 blocks away doesn't count, because I can't go by car, bus or other means of transportation. If I was to walk to the next bus stop, I would count the distance between those 2 stops as walking distance since I can take the bus to do that section.
Any how. I started trying to make sure I would walk at least 10km a week. I have to change that to 15km a week because 10 is what I do just by going to work.¸

5- reward myself everytime I maintain weight under a certain level for at least 4 days in a row.

the idea is that if I have been weighing under 270 for 4 consecutive days it should mean I am done with it. I am currently working on getting under 265 for 4 days. I will get a $40.00 spending money on anything I want without thinking of things like "Do I really need this?" "Couldn't I make do with something I already have?" I like to give myself that kind of deal.

Overall it is going great. I am not binging anymore, I don't feel guilty when I eat so I don't push myself in eating more. I value the quality of what I eat more. I tend to look at the ingredients more. So now I will bake cookies instead of buying some from the store. I've noticed you don't have so many when they are made with real ingredients.

Anyway, sorry for blabbing so much.

I am happy to report that the changes I am making are really becoming natural for me. I am losing slowly some weight but mostly I feel a lot better.
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