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March Recap - current weight 198.6

Monday, April 01, 2019

I'm under 200 pounds! My current weight is 198.6. This is down from 201.4 on March 12th, and from 200.8 on my last In Body Scan on March 29th. My trainer is now going to have me continue exercising and sticking to a 1500 calorie meal plan with macros of 30(P)/30(F)/40(C). Today's the first day of that. I'm having an egg frittata w/ spinach, tomato, onion, red lentils, and cheese. It's pretty good actually. I wasn't sure about the lentils but I'm trying to get more protein in without a lot of extra fat.

This is breakfast (and my snacks for the day). Egg frittata, clementines, pistachios/almonds, coffee, raspberry tea (Diet Snapple). Breakfast = 330 calories.

Enjoying a quiet Sunday morning with the window open, and Helmet decides he wants to get a better view hahahahaha

So, the last time I went to an art museum with my husband, one of my besties had told me I was having a suprise birthday party, and I had just lost a photography contest I'd entered (the first one I've ever entered), and my alcoholic brain had conjured up thoughts of me winning first place, going to KC and having an exhibit, etc. hahaha and so I see this painting, it's literally a blue line on a white background, I started crying hysterically...poor John. Yesterday we went for the opening of the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit (one of my favorite artists) and made it out with no tears. Yea!!!

Stephanie Thompson
March 29 at 10:45 PM 路
I had a really fun night - and now it's an hour past my bedtime!

If you haven't already, check out Wheat Street Dogs. They taste like actual hot dogs. I suggest the B谩nh m矛 - it was fantastic! I love the BBQ jackfruit burger from Nora's - it is always delicious, w/ wedge fries & red pepper dipping sauce.


I'm not a vegetarian but sometimes I eat like one - yummmmy!!!

Stephanie Thompson
March 29 at 9:42 PM 路
I stopped at the bank after work to get hashtag cashmoney for hashtag datenight and was conversating with my hashtag onetruelove. This is how I know we're hashtag meanttobe always and hashtag 4ever

For those of you, who have been friends with me for awhile, you probably know I was in an abusive relationship for about 10 years on and off, while I was in active addiction. I went to an opening at Final Friday from a lady in recovery that escaped an abusive relationship.

Just left Ann Marie Price's art showing feeling deeply disturbed. Not by what I saw - the art was intense and beautiful - but disturbed by how the language is the same. I have heard the exact same words as some of the captions on the artwork when I was in active addiction and in the cycle of abuse. I'm so sorry you had to go through those things. I am so proud of you for having the courage to make a difference.

New music! Between going to Jazzercise yesterday afternoon, and stumbling upon Eurovision, I've got all sorts of new tunes, which will be on my next run playlist.

Michela - Chameleon - Malta 馃嚥馃嚬 - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2019
Lena - Satellite (Germany)
igala, Ella Eyre, Meghan Trainor - Just Got Paid (Official Music Video) ft. French Montana
Maggie Rose - "Pull You Through" (Official Video)
The Struts - Body Talks ft. Kesha (Official Music Video)
Little Mix - Woman Like Me (Official Video) ft. Nicki Minaj
Jack 脺 - Take 脺 There feat. Kiesza [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Unspoken - You've Always Been (Official Music Video)
Club des Belugas feat. Maya Fadeeva - Save a little love for me

Stephanie Thompson
March 25 at 7:25 AM 路
I have the sweetest stepson in the world. He gave me a hug before leaving for school and told me, "be careful of your fingers today, Stephanie." I love this kid so freakin' much.

I cut my hand open doing food prep and had to get 3 stitches...

Stephanie Thompson shared a memory.
March 23 at 8:54 AM 路
Still my favorite piece of literature ever.

March 21 at 6:47 AM - I've still got a ways to go, but one by one, they all come tumbling down...if you haven't had the opportunity to take Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class, I highly recommend it. Since John and I took the class, we've gone to Disney with his mom and Jaxon, all my credit cards are paid off (and hit the shredder), we've had to do work on both cars, and we replaced a major household appliance with no notice (without freaking out!). This class changed our financial lives. Before we worried at times that we'd hit the red before payday. I know I checked my bank balance with one eye closed because I was scared of what I'd see. Now, I know without a shadow of a doubt that we have enough. We're not rich and we can't go crazy, but we have enough that we can tithe faithfully, gift our community that needs it most, we don't have to worry about bills anymore, and we can do fun things more often than we ever thought we'd ever be able to. We're planning trips to Arizona, California, and New Zealand in the next 3 years. It is AMAZING what God can do for your finances when you give them over to him faithfully - John and I are truly financially free. Check out this class! If your church doesn't have it, ask for it or do it on your own! I promise you that you won't regret it. https://www.daveramsey.com/cla

Stephanie Thompson
March 16 at 10:01 PM 路
When your nails are wet but you're thirsty so your husband gives you water like you're a boxer in the corner. hashtag spoiled

Stephanie Thompson
March 15 at 10:58 PM 路
Tonight's the first night I've been able to get up from the couch without my knees feeling like they're going to blow up. It's amazing what a difference 10 pounds makes.

Stephanie Thompson
March 8 at 6:26 AM 路
On my way to the gym and Focus on the Family is trying to get me in my feels today - How can God heal what we won't admit hurts? How often do we destroy our lives while reaching for something that isn't good for us? What passion has God given us that we've let lay dormant?

Stephanie Thompson
March 7 at 5:07 PM 路
FYI: Any time I've heard, "Please enjoy this Verizon ringtone while your party is reached" - I have NEVER enjoyed the ringtone.

Stephanie Thompson
March 4 at 11:36 AM 路
I just got off the phone with the vet to make an appointment to euthanize Princess. Her cancer came back and it's now to the point where she won't eat or drink anything. My heart hurts losing my pretty baby girl.

My husband is part of the Father's Rights Movement. He went to Topeka and Shared Parenting Bill SB157 has now passed through the Judiciary Committee, and is up for votes in the Senate and House floors. This is my husband's life work. I'm so proud of him.

I've been talking to my therapist a lot lately about which voice I'm talking to. I'm not schizophrenic, just for the record - not that there'd be anything wrong with it if I were - but just sayin'. I have a concept of two parts of me, Claudia, who's lazy, likes junk food, smoking, drinking, who is beligerent against the idea of letting anything go to Go, etc. - she's the self-destructive me, and Serenity, who wants balance, peace, joy, happiness, who works out and eats right and goes to meetings, mediates, talks to God, etc. - the positive me.

I've been trying to do more self-care and figuring out what is important to me. I've been doing more bubble (bath bomb) baths, painting my nails, taking new gym classes, doing art, having quiet time, like the Friday before last. It was SOOO nice - and I've been doing some volunteering and donating, which just makes my soul feel good, it's impossible to be angry and to give your time or to fill a need at the same time. I've got a new AA sponsor and she's using both the Big Book and the Good Book to help me find my relationship - not everyone else's relationship - with my Higher Power, who I choose to call God.

I started running for Girls on the Run 5K - my race is on April 11th, about 6 weeks from now, and I've started training just in case I get some little 8 y/o track star hahahaha

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