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My Goals and plans to reach them

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Hmmm. Feel like I have done this a few times before. Okay more than a few times, but it does help.

Goals- all very familiar -all intertwined
1. Lose weight
2. Be more active
3. Declutter
4. Me time
5. Eat healthier

1. Eat 5 fruits and veggies a day. Keep fresh fruits and veggies in house. Have some washed and prepared so are quickly accessible. Shouldn't be that hard since I love them

2. Count calories-this really works best for me if I do it. Makes me more aware how things add up. Easy to log on spark--have phone app too. Need to do more consistently

3. Avoid temptation. So will not bring in house. Have started cleaning out the cupboards. My weakness is at work. Logging the calories will hopefully help this. I do pack my lunch. Need to bring healthy snack for that munchie time.

4. Eating out is something DH loves to do. So I need to be more aware of the healthier choices on the menu. Study online before we go. Substitute when I can--which I do at some places already. Just need to be consistent on this

5. Healthy fluids. Bring my water bottle to work and maybe even fill at home to be more aware. Thankfully soda is no longer a weakness for me. Wow I have changed some for the healthier

6. 10,000 steps 5 days a week- my Fit Bit helps here. Hopefully weather will be better. Try to move more at work. Walk the dog once a day.

7. Read more--probably easiest for me to do in morning

8. Decrease TV. So easy for me to get caught up mindlessly in shows. Not moving and not accomplishing anything. Perhaps work on sorting through paper while I watch. Could have some exercises to do during. But really I need to turn it off more.

9. Have a weekly small target area to declutter

10. Connect with friends more frequently.

11. Keep Sparking!!!!!

One day at a time! Got it! I can do this!

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