Once Upon a Time...A Rebounding Deceleration/Health and Healing Week?

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Here are my 'Did-Its':
Sunday March 10: Sunday Rest
Monday 11th: 5 minute wake-up bounce and later 50 minutes, plus lots of shopping walking.
Tuesday 12th: 50 minutes rebounding
Wednesday 13th: Walking about 11 minutes total. Ankle is swollen and heel hurts. NO rebounding that day. Very sore all week after bowling. Who would have thought?
Thursday 14th: 5 min rebounding (2 1/2 standing on good foot, 2 1/2 doing ab workout in sitting position. HARD WORK!!!! ) Brace support.
Friday 15th 50 minutes gentle rebounding wearing brace support.
Saturday 16th: 5 minutes of rebounding? Had company for birthday: played Scrabble and Blokus. Basically sat for 12 hours. haha so much fun. I think I only won 2 games.

Sunday thru today, I'm struggling with the whole female issue and haven't been able to rebound. I miss it! I am required to take 2 iron pills during this time and 1 daily on normal days of the month. I'm trying to view these 'trying' days as legitimate Health and Healing days and take advantage of my husband's willingness to take care of me and guide the household on the days I'm down. This ain't for SISSIES!

I have a doctor appointment on Thursday and was hoping for time to burn off more pounds, but I don't think that's going to happen. I know that I lost between 8-10 lbs, but those were pounds I had gained since my December appointment, and Mrs. Doc won't see the difference. hmpf.
The positive thing that makes me feel good about it is that I KNOW I was committed. And I have muscles all over to PROVE I was committed.

My husband has been doing a fantastic job keeping to his plan. I hope he sees results on the scale at the doctor's office, too.

And maybe, my blood pressure will look better!

A Rebounding Side Note:
I think I mentioned before that I was paying my 16 yr old son to rebound for 10 minutes every week day for 30 days. The goal was to see what results would take place, as I am also testing the 'praise' I've been hearing about using the Cellerciser.
Turns out that he lost 10-15 pounds! And he said he will probably continue using it.

And now, my 14 year old is beginning to use it.

So cool!

Okay, you mind if I brag a bit about my kids?


This past week my husband, son, and I attended a Marine Family dinner, at which was explained what would be taking place once our Recruits left for boot-camp. The Marines are making an effort to include the families more, and I thought that was pretty nice.
So at the end of this dinner/talk, our son's Sergeant spoke very highly of him, stating that he believes that our son will probably be the Honor Graduate down at boot-camp.
This is what is listed as a requirement for that honor on the Marine's website:
"If your goal is to become an Honor Graduate when you graduate from the U.S. Marine Corps, you must be well prepared for what lies in front of you during USMC Boot Camp. It means you should have a solid foundation of running, rucking (walking fast with a backpack), and strength/muscle stamina from at least a year’s worth of lifting weights and calisthenics. Graduating with honors requires more than being physically prepared, you must also display a never quit attitude, motivation, be a strong team player, ingenuity, and obviously a very strong work ethic."
How wonderful to think that he thinks our son could reach that. Yea!

Then, we have another son who is also training for the Marine Corp, but is not sworn in yet because he has to come down to a particular weight range. His Sergeant was also present that night and he spoke highly of THAT son. lol
The Sergeant said that he has more commitment than anyone down there, and he's not even a 'pulley' yet. He always asks for more physical challenges at the end of their required workout. The Sergeant said he will go very far, and also that he has a very big heart.

How awesome is that kind of praise?

Later my husband asked what we could do as parents to help prepare them, and the first Sergeant said, "Nothing. You two have raised EXCELLENT sons."


On top of that, the Recruit Son made a wise decision that we had been hoping he would make. Turns out that our OLDEST son is the one who advised him to do it. So even THAT son made me proud.

That was a good mommy week. haha


Okay, I end The Brag. Thank you for letting me share it.

Be blessed, Everyone!
Susanski and The Suser!
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