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Rocky Roads

Monday, March 18, 2019

This week was a tough one for me. There were more treats in our office than in a bakery! There were a couple people's birthdays, pi day (2 pies showed up), the normal bagels and cookies, homemade cookies brought in by an employee on medical leave, cupcakes brought in by a vendor... I swear it was a constant parade of sugar laden carbs - today it is pound cake, brownies and sugar cookies for someone's birthday. I managed to avoid it all! WooHoo! I am so proud of me! Every time I walked through that kitchen I would say to myself - you can have a treat if you want one, but then you cannot be mad if you don't see the results you want this week! I'd ask myself "What do you want more - a treat - or to bend over and tie your shoes with ease?" Yup, tying my shoes won. Who would of thought tying my shoes would beat out eating a treat?

I also had a road trip on Sunday with 4 others. The consensus was to stop to McDonalds for breakfast. I decided to have a sausage mcmuffin with egg - without the muffin. Lunch was a protein bar during a meeting that ran over schedule. All of us were anxious to get home, so we passed on going out for lunch. I had something light for supper and stuck on my plan!

Sunday morning, I got up extra early and walked for 3 miles before we left on our trip. Saturday I walked 5 on the treadmill and a few outdoors with the dog. I have been dedicated to getting my walking in.

Today I got on the scale as it is weigh in day for my weightloss challenge. I really thought I'd see some good results with all those temptations overcome, sticking on plan and exercising. Well, I was down a mere 0.8 pounds. I know a loss is awesome - but it really didn't feel very awesome. I was disappointed. I tried to put it behind me and move on.... but that dang little nagging voice was running through my head.... and then it happened -

Someone I work with asked me if I had lost weight. They said I looked good. This is the second person who has noticed in the last few days. That black cloud the scale cast over my day was gone just like that!

So it's been a bit of a rocky stretch, filled with temptations - but the sun is shining and I will continue on!
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