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PN Coching Week 9

Monday, March 18, 2019

It's time to update how I am doing with the program. We are getting close to the three-month mark and I have lost 3 pounds since starting the program and 8 pounds since the beginning of the year. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

I was chatting online with my coach about the habits that impede my progress. I said the biggest issues were unplanned snacking and mindless snacking. If I am hungry and don't have snacks available (most often an issue at work) I may find myself going out for something that is not optimal. At home I tend to head into the kitchen and walk around just grabbing this and that when I'm bored. Considering that I don't keep much in the way of snack foods in the house, my snacks can be a bit, shall we say, creative? I need to redirect myself when I'm about to do that.

I am not perfect, but I am better. I went for a few days where I broke the unplanned snacking habit each day. Then I had a new dose of resolve. For three rehearsals in a row cast members brought Munchkins or homemade baked goods to share with the rest of the cast. I realized I had to make a habit of not eating them because mindlessly walking over to the Munchkin box multiple times during rehearsal had also become a habit. I have to redirect myself. One trick I do is to brush my teeth before rehearsal. It makes for one less task I have to do before going to bed.

I have been ignoring my to-do lists lately and my tasks are not being completed. Chores like cleaning and food prep for the week have gone by the wayside lately. I need to make better use of my time. That is another redirect away from snacking, plus it helps me fill all the time I have with my later bedtime.

I need to start adjusting my sleep. I don't know if it's the drug or the later bedtime, but I am so tired these days. I think that's one reason why I am so unmotivated to complete tasks. I nap often. I sleep on the train when I should be listening to my show music. I nap on the couch when I'm home in the afternoons. I fight sleep while I wait for bedtime. I am sleeping much better now. I rarely wake up in the middle of the night and if I do, I go back to sleep. The problem now is that I am waking up too early. I need another hour. It is clear to me I am not sleeping enough at night even though I'm sleeping more consistently. Again, I don't know if it's the drug or the later bedtime. I am almost out of the Doxipen, so I guess I need to talk to Dr. DiCosmo about my next steps. Do I try to sleep without it, or will he write me a new prescription? I started adjusting my bedtime by 15 minutes without his blessing because I feel I need to start adjusting sleep back to my normal bedtime.

I was talking to some cast members about sleep at rehearsal this week A couple of them said they never go to bed before 1:00. They say they get four hours of sleep a night on average. Then I complain that I only sleep for five even though I try to get seven? That's crazy. No wonder people are drugging themselves with caffeine so much. How can you live like that? How can you sleep four hours, then wire yourself up with coffee all day until you're too wired to sleep a reasonable number of hours, and then sleep another measly four hours? That's no way to live. I'm way ahead of the game.

I should talk a bit about the habits for this phase. I finished the protein with every meal phase. Now my daily goal is five fruits and vegetables every day. This is another one that seems easy, because I am always trying to add more of this to my diet, but when I step back and take a look at my meals, I wonder if my plate is a bit more crowded with other stuff. For example, I made a rice noodle salad this weekend that I plan to have for lunch. I added a bag of coleslaw mix and some sliced cucumber to it, but in the end, I think my ratio of vegetables to noodles is too low. I don't think one serving of noodles contains an entire serving of vegetables.

The coaches talk often about adding foods our diets instead of subtracting them. Instead of saying, "You can't have this," or "You shouldn't eat that," which only fuels a sense of deprivation, the rule is, "Add more good stuff. Eat that first. Then have something else." If I want something less nutritionally optimal, I should always ask myself if I had my vegetables and my protein.

My efforts to make sure I eat five a day helps me plan my snacks better. I make my snacks fruit-and-vegetable-based now. I eat carrot sticks, apples, bell pepper strips, bananas, and small salads now. I can throw in some nuts, nut butter, or roasted chickpeas if it needs to be more substantial. The key is to do it more consistently. I fall of the wagon on weekends. I also let the weekend leftovers spill over into the weekdays.

I am improving with my fullness cues. I think I eat a bit more than I should at meals, but I ask myself if I can eat more. Any time I am tempted to have dessert, I think about how I am satisfied and have no need to eat more. Just because I have room for more food, doesn't mean I should eat more food.

One example of this is how I switched up my breakfast this week. I made avocado toast with cucumber slices and chick peas. I ate two slices of toast yesterday and it was too filling. I had one slice this morning. I am learning to adjust portions.

This past weekend wasn't optimal and that's a backslide for me because I was finally seeing some movement on the scale. I ended up at the diner with Rich and Mickey Friday night. We were going to go out for Indian, but then they decided to save money and go someplace cheaper. I had a chicken-cheese-grilled vegetable sandwich with fruit salad on the side and managed to avoid dessert. The downside was that I ate a half a slice of free pizza the same afternoon. Saturday on the way home I had to pee, so I stopped at Dunkin Donuts, and felt guilty using the bathroom there without buying anything, so I bought a hot chocolate. I cooked those noodles for dinner Saturday night and ate too big of a portion. Sunday morning I had those above-mentioned two slices of toast. I made some scrambled eggs with a bit of homemade salsa for lunch even though I wasn't all that hungry. We watched the local St. Patrick's Day parade and when it was over, Kevin wanted to go to Maison Margaux for pastries. I had one of their delicious chocolate almond croissants. Then we decided to go for Indian at night since we missed our Indian meal on Friday. I had my "light" dinner of plain tandoori chicken and spicy broccoli. On the bad side, I also ate some rice, a piece of naan bread, and several bites of Kevin' mango ice cream along with a glass of wine.

I can do better. I can always do better. Precision Nutrition believes that the slate is wiped clean every day and what happened in the past doesn't matter. What can I do better today? It's a new day and a new week. Let's get to work on it.
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