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Friday, March 15, 2019

I am SO happy it's Friday after work!!! I worked 44 hours this week, and am exhausted!
I work a Compressed Work Schedule, so the first week of the pay period, I work 36 hours, and the second week of the pay period, I work 44 hours. So, this was my "tough" week.

Anyway, whenever I'm done working for the week (could be Thursday, or Friday--like today), I always eat out, and run errands, such as getting groceries and toiletries. Today, I got Starbucks, and ordered takeout for my family. While I was waiting for the takeout, I went to Albertsons (my local grocery store that's in the same plaza as the restaurant), and was tempted to get chips for work next week (I like to have something salty at lunch time), but instead, I got single serving bags of cashews I can take to work! I also wanted to try the new Orange Vanilla Coke, but didn't get that either! Baby steps. I'm scared to weigh in tomorrow, because I ate so much junk this week. But I have to face the scale sooner or later.

I've been eating out less. I did eat out on Monday for dinner. I am trying to only eat out for dinner when the work week ends. So, this week, I ate out twice, which is actually very good for me. I'm still trying to save as much money as possible.

Work was stressful this week. My left knee hurt when I climbed step stools, and my right foot ached a bit too today. Thank God I can rest this weekend! I'm going to stay home, and SLEEP!

I am thinking of applying internally at my agency for the next position higher than mine. The head honcho told us in a staff meeting this week that there won't be any openings for quite some time, so I have time to think about it. I really need the extra money, and it could mean the difference between buying a condo, and buying a real house. It's just hard to survive, especially in expensive Los Angeles. But with more money comes more stress, they say!
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