Dwell Forward ~ From Pessimisms to Choosing Optimisms

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

emoticon emoticon emoticon Recently, on a particularly bad day... a sweet SparkFriend shared the little Sunshine Face Plant! It instantly cracked a smile, and I could feel the childhood happy bubble back up inside!

emoticon and the last few days, I've been pondering a little SparkArticle I'd read, about how easy it is to fall into a habit of complaining... which does not mean we don't have problems ~ we do... sometimes awful problems... chronic problems... external stress or craptacular circumstances, devastating things sometimes... and sometimes our mood can go foul... depressed or distressed or a vent & a rant fall into some chronic complaining... we don't necessarily do it intentionally - it's kind of a natural reaction kind of thing, don't you think?

emoticon The article suggests making a conscious choice to do what you can about the problem, then set the complaining aside and consciously choose to dwell in the positive (my words, article paraphrased... Here's the article

emoticon so yesterday, I grabbed my towel, my sweater and went out onto the porch, outside to exercise ~ it was cool, just in the 30s, but the sky was blue with white puffy clouds... when I was a kidlet, mumsie always pointed at the white puffy clouds, smiled and said they were her fav!!! and they became mine too (blows kisses to mumsie :)

emoticon As I mentioned, it was sunny, calm, mild and perfect for some chair dancing on the porch! I can open the kitchen window, slide open the back door and hear my fav music outside on the porch... in stereo!!! Remember when stereo sound was all the rage!!! So it feels luxurious to hear music in stereo! LOL And I dance to the music in that chair, just as if I'm dancing on my feet... I let the music set the beat... and enjoy it...

emoticon As the white puffy clouds crossed the sky... the wind picked up softly, it was pretty to watch... and then some grey clouds came over the horizon... the wind blew a little harder... it started to rain a little softly... and the sky filled with grey clouds, hid away the sunshine, the wind blew harder, the rain fell harder, you could hear it... turned to sleet, the wind blew sideways & started pelting me with hail! Ouch!!! Ouch!!!

emoticon Picked up my towel and went inside and thought... Dwell Forward. It just wasn't working out where I was ~ physically... although sometimes it just feels dark emotionally ~ and it occurred to me... change where you dwell... if it's not working out... get up and move!

emoticon emoticon emoticon you know that old saying... if nothing changes... well, then nothing changes. No sense in sitting around complaining about it... If we can fix it, fix it now or figure out when to work on it, then turn attention to what is possible, doable, necessary... choose to take care of ourselves, notice the good, the helpful, the happy and dwell there... and keep choosing to dwell forward... it's happifying!

emoticon very inspirational speech ~ Fall Forward, Denzel Washington
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