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Hives, diabetes and Prednisone and stress

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Time to blog. I am overwhelmed with life. I don't know where to begin. First, my hives have come back with a vengeance about 3 weeks ago. I have been on a Prednisone taper 3 times since this flare up. I have also changed my diabetes meds. My BIL thinks the diabetes meds is the cause of the hives. Why I would have them and then not for 2.5 yrs while being on the same dose of meds is beyond me but 2 weeks ago, I went to an endocrinologist and he changed my meds. I am now on Ozempic. I had my first shot there in the office and have given myself 2 more at home. I will take one more at the lowest does of 0.25 mg and then go up to 0.5 mg a week from Sunday. My blood sugars haven't changed much but as I write this, I realize that 0.25 is considered non therapeutic. So the fact that my numbers are the same as when I was on Nesina tells me Nesina wasn't working that great.

I went to a nutritionist last week but we didn't like her and decided I won't go back. I did listen to a little of what she said but not much. We go to a new nutritionist/diabetic dietician tonight. But since last Thursday, I have logged all meds and all foods eaten. Even the food that is "bad" for me.

But my real stress today is my quilting. I have too many projects started and not enough time to finish any of them. And then today, I realized I need to start yet another one. My brother's birthday is in December, his 60th birthday. He has been asking me for YEARS if I could make him Hawaiian shirts. He then 4 yrs ago (maybe 3 yrs ago) even asked my quilting friends, if any of them can make Hawaiian shirts. He doesn't understand we can make them but we don't want to. We like making quilts! Well, 1.5 yrs ago, while Doug, my dh and I were visiting my brother, we went on a quilt run and found a Hawaiian shirt quilt kit. Now I can make my brother "20 Hawaiian shirts" in a quilt. We bought the kit and the store shipped it home for us. So I am making this quilt for him.

Other quilts I am working on:

1) A mystery quilt that started October, 2018. The final clue came out March 1 and I got the clue March 2. I have 3 more small seams to finish the rows and then 5 seams to finish attaching the rows to finish the top plus 2 sets of borders. Goal to finish before the end of the month so Doug can quilt it in time for Saturday sampler on April 6. Maybe even be done long before that.

2) Un-be-weave-able. This was a workshop given February 10, 2019. It has 13 rows plus the border. I have 7 rows done.

3) Soup Cozies, 7 to be made. Enough batting for 6. This was a Chanukah present for the kids from 2 yrs ago. Time to get them done.

4) PJs. This was this year's Chanukah presents.

5) Tuffets. Kids asked to make this for them for Chanukah 3 yrs ago but they couldn't agree on round or square tuffets. We were finally able to buy 2 round and 1 square. Fabric bought for 2 of them.

6) Judy Niemeyer, diamond wedding ring. The quilt center is done but it has a LOT of applique pieces to trace, cut and sew. And I am trying a new technique.

7) Block of the Month, 2018. The top is done but again there is applique to be sewn down. The applique, ~140 pieces are cut but need to be placed and stitched down.

8) Block of the Month, 2019. I am currently caught up on this and got a new block monthly, the first Saturday of each month.

9) Block of the Month, 2017 from a different store. This was a pattern Doug and I were going to do together. He didn't keep up and now has decided he doesn't like it so even less motivation to finish it.

10) Another Block of the Month, 2017, Jaybirds, Sweet tooth. Again, Doug and I were going to split the work. Quilt 9 and 10 were done to be shared as we don't need 2 of every quilt we make. There were initially 24 blocks and I did my 12 at that time. At that time though, Doug did 1. Well, the 24 blocks make a twin side quilt. We decided we wanted a queen sized quilt. So we bought extra fabric to make 14 more blocks. But since Doug had only made 1 block, those 14 landed on me. I have made 3 of those 14.

And now 11) Is David's quilt.

This btw, isn't all the quilts previously started, only the quilts I want to get done NOW!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Time to catch up on my blog reading and...I cannot stand how you're suffering!! ::hugs:: I hope your *new* meds are working.

    LOL!! Tova, when have I ever known you to NOT have a project?!!

    Your brother is going to *love* his Hawaiian shirt quilt!! How appropriately MARVELOUS!!

    DANG girlfriend, you are one AMAZING Lady!! Your other family/friends are sooo LUCKY to have your beautiful *gifts*
    343 days ago
    Whew! You do have A LOT going on right now. Obviously your health has to come first. Would it help to stop, take a deep breath, and then prioritize your quilt projects? Perhaps by smallest so it's done first, the most immediately needed, or some other criteria? For gift giving occasions rather than something you make (until you feel less overwhelmed with all of your current projects), perhaps you could give an experience as a gift? A nice meal out, a movie or concert tickets or something else that the recipient would enjoy?

    Just thinking out loud - none of this may be helpful.

    383 days ago
    I hope you feel better soon. emoticon
    Quilting ... It is so easy to have many projects ongoing at the same time. Sounds like you are enjoying it all, though, so, keep having fun with it.
    385 days ago
    Wow. You DO have a lot going. I have gotten hives from medications that it turned out I was allergic to and should not have had in the first place. But I also have gotten hives from shampoo and moisturizer and from STRESS! Just that. So I sympathize.

    I think you need to prioritize and cut down on your load. Yes, everything will get done, but in your own time. A December holiday gift done and given in July? Nothing wrong with that--promise kept but not at a pace that might kill you! I have to share something: My parents were overwhelmed financially both in December and January. In fact, they live in the Chicago area and their water heater failed in mid-January. Very cold and NO hot water for about 2 weeks. Unable to bathe except by boiling water on the stove. It was covered by insurance, but not the labor costs and it took two whole weeks with city inspection for proper installment etc. Unbelievable.

    So--I have yet to receive either my Chanukah or Birthday gifts (January birthday) from my parents. I probably will get them this later this month, and I know they will be wonderful. I just have to be patient. My father worked in service-sales and retail for a good many years, self-employed and sales were not necessarily consistent and that meant===that gifts did not always coincide with the holiday, but they were given later with love.

    Good luck!
    385 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/13/2019 11:14:22 PM
    That is a LOT of quilt projects to work on!!!

    Do you work on one each evening? Weekends? All I can say is definitely work on whichever project is either "due" first, or smaller and able to be finished first.

    And the Hawaiian shirt quilt sounds amazing!
    385 days ago
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