Her weight is finally going up!!

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Marin had her second weight check since she's suppose to start going on her visitations with her Dad now (she will be a month old next week)... she finally hit 8 lbs and 6 oz!! I feel so proud of her!! I went to visit my Dad since we were already out today, like me they voiced their concerns with her going off so soon but I promised him and his mom if her weight got up I'd let her I'm letting her go. She'll only be gone 8 hrs anyways, that's no different than if I were going to work, so as long as he watches her with her asthma and acid reflux so she doesn't choke to death we will be okay. He did call me tonight like he promised to run through a "special feed instructions" checklist I had to ensure he could accommodate her needs. So I see that as a good sign, just hope he was actually paying attention and follows it. And on a side note, my Dad gave me permission to come to his house (even when they aren't there) to workout in their new weight room instead of joining a gym like I originally planned. I will get my healthy body back somehow! I know I cant afford a gym long term anyways, and I have to eat a crap ton to keep up my breastfeeding.. but I WILL get there before the year is up!
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