Once Upon A Time, rebounding and a Wee Bit more...9.4 oz more.

Monday, March 04, 2019

My 'Did-it's' from last week:
Sunday Feb 24, 2019 Rested
Monday 50 minutes rebounding
Tuesday 50 minutes rebounding
Wednesday 50 minutes rebounding
Thursday 50 minutes rebounding
Friday 50 minutes rebounding WEIGHT 250, 10 lbs down in 3 weeks.
Saturday 15 minute rebounding.

Three weeks of commitment and success!

I surely hope the scale continues downward. I have NEVER lost 20 lbs before, or if I did, it's never been more than that. I've always just gained slowly. It's so hard to determine what works for my body! I'm hoping that I've found the answer.
For me, swimming and rebounding give me the biggest bang for my buck.
So the day I push past 20 lbs is the day I scream with delight and celebrate....and cry!

And now, speaking of weight, look at these beautiful 9.4 ounces:


Be blessed and go be a blessing to those in your small corner of the world.
Susanski and The Suser

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