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And Here We Go Again...

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Good morning. It has been 3 weeks since I last wrote anything. This has been what's happening in my neck of the woods.

1.) I got a new doctor. Mine transferred to another area. The new doc is a female. She is very understanding, very interested in my health and takes time to explain things.

2.) My AIC dropped a full 1 point from 6.6 to 5.6 since my last lab work that was completed. That by the way is a good thing since my insurance company has decided they do not want to pay for my Trulicity anymore. Trulicity is an eppi-pen once a week into your stomach that stimulates the pancreas into working. It is not insulin. That was the only med I was taking to keep my sugar under control. They will pay for it as long as I meet my $3,000 deductible. I will still be responsible for $80 of that which is far better then $877 which is the normal monthly cost. I will be talking to the doctor again about this in March when I go back.

3.) I had my first set of injections in the lower part of my back after having an MRI that showed arthritis and stenosis (narrowing) from L1 thru L5 and at S1. That is why I have a pinched sciatic nerve. On Tuesday my first set of injections was from L4 to S1. In March I will have L1 - L3 completed. To say the least I have already seen some results with less pain. I'm not sure how long this will last, but I'm thankful for this reprieve.

4.) My deceased brother-in-law's probate hearing is March 13 @ 9 am. This will determine if you know who gets his retirement money, his house and his vehicles along with any of the contents of the house which included my sister's personal belongings. Please continue to pray about this situation. If you've read any of my previous posts this person does not deserve any of Bobby's stuff. PERIOD.

5.) I have continued to maintain the 6 lbs I lost in January. I feel myself getting stronger with the exercise I am able to do again. It's not coming off fast but if I can maintain I'm happy as well because there are still little things going on in the background.

My boyfriend asked me to learn this beautiful song. I hope you enjoy it. It sure puts things into perspective. Just hit the link below the song will appear as a small link. This song is by LeAnn Rimes. It is called "The Gift of Your Love"


No nothing
You could give me
Would compare
To the gift of your love
Not a star in the heavens
Not a diamond so rare
No light can compare
To the gift of your love

So don't buy me anything
Cause all I ever, ever need
Is for me to fall deeper into you
And you deeper into me
I wouldn't know how to wish for
Heavenly love this rare
Nothing can compare
To the gift of your love

I want you to know you save me
Like only love can dare
Nothing can compare
To the gift of your love
Every breath I breathe's a prayer
For the gift of your love

Songwriters: Darrell Brown / Leann Rimes

Just for kicks ~
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