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Transformation Tuesday - Update

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

#TransformationTuesday - Success is not always a straight line. Success sometimes comes in waves and it sometimes means one step forward and two steps back. What matters is that you never give up trying! The photos from the 'before' date back to 2007 and 2016... while the photo on the right is from my pre-Hawaii trip about 45lbs lighter.

When I re-introduced booze in my regimen, I watched the weight come back on. As I now near my 200 days AF (alcohol free) - I'm back down 22lbs and there's no looking back!

I've come to accept that alcohol is a habit that was no longer serving me on so many levels. It would throw me off my healthy habits of daily consistent workouts and would lower my inhibition leading to unhealthy eating.

As it's no longer a part of my life - I now practice an 80/20 approach to life relative to my nutrition. I still have days where I indulge - but I work to balance it out and with my daily exercise. I am better able to manage and cope with the daily stress and sometimes wicked life curve balls being thrown my way.

No one said this journey would be easy - but as I look at the photo on the right - I know it's totally worth it!! I felt so amazing and I'm on my way there again!!

I can't wait to share what ONE year of sobriety looks like as I continue to add in some amazing habits now that I've finally retired the one habit that was holding me back!! #LoseDaBooze
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